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Write For Us With Our New “SEO or Marketing Content” Guest Post Feature

This is a new feature i am adding to the blog due to more requests via support to submit guest posts.

Here are some benefits of submitting a guest post to

  • All posts are automatically emailed via blog broadcast on aweber and mailerlite to over 13,000 subscribers
  • I use this domain for all my marketing as a central hub
  • Which means that all my sales pages, squeeze pages and review posts are posted on this domain and people do tend to look around when they see interesting content posted
  • How much traffic is often dependent on how often blog posts, new sales pages, new offers etc are posted
  • As the number of guest post requests has increased, you need to contact for approval once you have submitted your post
  • I will be redirecting the old .me TLD to this new .online TLD domain and that will pass over significant link juice and seo metrics, at the time of writing this is about one month away as we are redirecting old posts to the new TLD as and when we get time.

Guest Post Acceptance

  • We charge $50 per guest post as we will re-format any post submitted using thrive architect and need to cover the costs
  • We may accept guest posts free of charge if the content is very high quality but with a no follow link attribute
  • No affiliate links are allowed without prior approval or good reason to be within an article
  • All posts are reviewed and published only on approval
  • Your posts should be a case study, a step by step tutorial or a “How to” style post for SEO, Video marketing, Traffic Generation or marketing online in general (not MLM)
  • You would be expected to share your post to your own audiences
  • If you send spammy backlinks to the post i will redirect the post back to your own domain
  • You need to prove ownership of your domain that you link back to, unless i know you.
  • Comments on this blog are switched off, however if you want comments enabled on your post we can do that for you as long as you monitor it.

Other Requests

  • If you want to submit a roundup post where you do the outreach then contact us first, this can be beneficial to you and to me if its done correctly.
  • If you want to do a review using one of our Alpha SEO tools please contact us too. If you have a large audience we can give you a review copy and approve your affiliate request (audience size is determined by email list size. your blog traffic or social media following)
  • Tools currently available for review are – Video Synd Alpha, Vid Attack Alpha, Optimization Alpha
  • If you have your own SEO or Marketing related products and would like me to host a webinar with 200+ attendees (plus several replay email promotions) please let me know too.

Submit Your SEO or Marketing Content Guest Post Below