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So, I'm a Scottish guy living in Thailand with my girlfriend Wasana, her daughter and my 4 labradors.

My daughter Stephanie, lives in Ireland with her mother and she looks after our support desk, bringing stability to that part of the business and making sure that customers get responses and help when needed.

We love cycling and we do 17km bike runs every day from the villa to the end of Jomtien beach and back and we feed the stray dogs on the way with rucksacks full of dog food that we cook ourselves which has rice and meat mixed.

Its important to have a reason why and feeding those dogs (we manage to feed about 20 to 30 dogs each day, sometimes more if we do a morning and evening run) is a great motivation for us to cycle each and every day and it keeps the weight down too.

I worked as a chef for years and travelled extensively doing that work including working on the QE2 cruise ship, Bermuda, London, Amsterdam and the Channel Islands.

I was development chef for the fastest growing restaurant group in the UK for 5 years and then started working for myself with several recruitment businesses between 1997 until 2008. This was also great for travel as we recruited in multiple countries in both Asia & Europe.

I have been full time working online since 2008, probably earlier actually as i had several businesses previously that relied heavily on marketing online which is how i learned SEO.

Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.
As you can see from the sidebar under Premium Products section, I have created a lot of software tools for SEO and Traffic with unique strategies which we have automated and made simple to use.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your campaigns... BUT I always advocate and teach that quality content comes first, followed by adding your marketing elements to convert your traffic before you start any traffic generation.

Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped thousands of marketers and built a hard core following.

Regular webinars are a mainstay of my work and often you will find new, solid and unique strategies taught for free and used to nurture my audience.

The replays are always posted on the blog.

My approach to SEO is simple...

I look at the major ranking factors for today and create ways to simplify them which usually ends up with an automation tool.

I try to avoid over complicated SEO and every tool we have is designed to be really simple to l​earn and use.

As far as white hat and grey hat and black hat...It's all against Google terms of service, but there are standards so I guess I would fall into the grey hat area with my tools which are mainly syndication and backlink software.

My approach to marketing...

Email Marketing...

I learned very early as a product creator to not be reliant on email marketing and spamming my list, I only ever promote something if I feel it's a great fit for my audience and if its something I would buy myself.

Social Media Marketing...

Basically find ONE channel or platform that you are comfortable with and get good at it. For me this is twitter and I have numerous twitter accounts in multiple niches where I have thousands of followers but more importantly where I am engaged and join in the conversation. Strangely the only account I do not do this is my SEO account where I have most followers and I avoid it, probably because of the noise and the constant distractions of multiple offers, blog posts and promotions daily.

If you have any queries you can always connect with us at support@anthonyhayes.me or by filling in the form on the contact page.

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