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Adblasta Tutorials


Please Note:

Things that you may need to run AdBlasta

AdBlasta is a software suite for which we will be releasing multiple PPC recipe tools, and that will often often include building other tools too that help to do specific tasks for Ad Targeting or Optimization.
From time to time or or more of these tools 'may' require the use of proxies or captcha solving services. The info below will be updated with that relevant information as and when needed.

  • You may need to use proxies for some tools within AdBlasta, I recommend Squid Private Proxies 
  • Tools Currently Using Proxies are: Tube Placement Finder
    (Test First Without  Proxies, if heavy use of this tool then proxies will likely be needed.)
  • (More Tools Will Be Added Here As And When We Have Created New Tools That Do Require Proxies Within AdBlasta) 
  • You may need captcha solving service too, we recommend 2Captcha for our tools. There will be a button in the software settings that links directly to their website if we have or add any tools that require captcha... Currently no tools in AdBlasta need captcha solving services
  • Please install windows VC++ 2015 x64 redist to run the tasks which use the web browser.

Welcome to D-Day

Core AdBlasta Software Settings

The D-Day PPC Recipe Tool

The Tube Placement Finder Tool

The Tube Tag Grabber

The Vid Series Optimiser Tool

Free Video Course - Email Marketing For Affiliates
(This Is On Going And More Videos Will Be Added As & When I Get Time)

  • How To Pick Quality Products To Promote
  • Why You Shouldn't Promote Launches Daily
  • But Instead Promote One Offer Per Week For 4 & 5 Figure Promotions
  • Where To Find High Ticket Webinars To Promote That Convert Like Crazy
  • How To Build An Email List Fast (Without Complicated Funnels)
  • Where To Get Instant Traffic On Demand At Low Cost...
  • The Best Email Service Provider (And Why) 
  • Subscribe To My Channel To Make Sure That You Don't Miss Out On New Videos

AdBlasta Webinar Series

Webinar Training - New Time Set!

This webinar length training covers how to get REALLY targeted with YouTube Ads to get better results for your campaigns.

Webinar 1 - Welcome, Roadmap, The Traffic System and More...


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AdBlasta Tube Tag Grabber

AdBlasta Tube Ad Targeter

Vid Series Optimizer

Recommended Tools

RankAttack SEO System (Comes With Vid Attack Alpha LITE)

Highly Recommended Tool #1
Rank With Zero Backlinks

Vid Curate Alpha LITE (Collection Of Powerful Research & Ranking Tools In a Software Suite)

Highly Recommended Tool #2
Get More Traffic From YouTube

LeadBlasta Chrome Extension Maker - Build Lead Magnets With Email Optin Lock

Highly Recommended Tool #3

Build Your Email List FAST!

Bonus Tools


Weekly Deals Alerts (Saves You Up to 90% From Software Deals Sites Like AppSumo)

Never Miss Out On Marketing Software Deals From AppSumo & 20+ Similar Sites!
Tool Updated One Time Per Week With Weekly Email Summary Notification


Evergreen YouTube SEO Checklist Updated in 2020 (Over 11,000 Users Can't Be Wrong!)

35 Of The VERY BEST Actionable YouTube SEO Tips... Cliff Notes Taken From Training & Tutorial Videos  By Top SEO Experts Like Brian Dean, Ahrefs, Hubspot, Neil Patel and More! 


D-Day YouTube Ads Checklist (With Step By Step Settings and Re-marketing Guide)

This is a summary of the YouTube Ad settings used with AdBlasta D-Day one click software including steps on how to set up re-marketing for YouTube and connect your YouTube and Google ad accounts (with screenshots)

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