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New WordPress Website Builder Saves You Hours Of Work And Frustration... With Preconfigured WordPress Sites In Just 3-Clicks

You'll know you have stumbled upon the right tool, when you realize that you're WordPress site building takes just minutes instead of hours, and that you can deploy quality sites that are multi-optimized for SEO, Speed, marketing and ready to add content.

Building 'Pro-Level' Optimized And Blazing Fast WordPress sites may not always be the fun part of creating content - but try succeeding without it.

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to build the perfect WordPress site?
Introducing WordPress Alpha - the ultimate WordPress Website Builder solution for niche site builders, agencies, busy professionals and anyone who uses WordPress.
With our preconfigured website builder, you can easily deploy professionally optimized and lightning fast sites with the added security of a free SSL certificate.
Say goodbye to the frustration of building a WordPress site and hello to hassle-free web development with WordPress Alpha

I Was a Serial WordPress Site Builder
(But I Was Very Frustrated)

I was building lots of WordPress niche sites

Niche sites were a great way to make money from Ad revenue and i knew how this could pay off even with not a lot of content. We had built our first site to $4000 a month just with AdSense and so we wanted to build more.

I got tired with the repetition of finding and adding the same plugins and themes

  • It was the same core setup, similar themes, the same plugins and the sites were built to pro level configuration and looked great even though we kept them simple and clean. 
  • The core plugins worked well together but very few of them had settings export and even if they had, it would still take me hours to configure them the way i wanted.
  • Importing the same plugins, going through the settings for each, one by one while just wanting to get to the content creation was a drag.

I got frustrated spending hours do the settings again and again on every new site.

To make matters worse we had a bunch of niches that we wanted to build sites for, but we couldn't build them as quickly as we would have liked.
We had plugins for SEO, security, opt-in forms, image compression, caching, backups, forms, analytics, Ad placements and more.
Plus we had found a combination of plugins that worked well together and didn't slow down or disrupt the sites, but our setup was costing us time, holding us back and slowing us down.

I wished there was a tool that could clone a template with the exact configuration ready to just start adding content

After trying some outsource assistants, some great, some not so reliable things did improve, but i found i spent as much time explaining tasks to them as i was working on my own tasks, plus it was costing money.
I wished there was a tool that would allow me to just clone sites, directly onto a blazing fast server and ready to start adding content.

So... I built WordPress Alpha to deploy preconfigures sites in just 3-clicks,  preconfigured for SEO, blazing fast page load time, list building and even with SSL certificate installed.

  • Preconfigured for SEO
  •  Preconfigured for marketing and Ad placement
  • Preconfigured for speed
  • Preconfigured with the settings done as far as we can for most of the plugins and even the theme, leaving us with a much shorter list of tasks in order to personalize the site once it was deployed on the server.
  • And we even added a 1-click SSL certificate installation feature 

In short, we built the ultimate WordPress website builder for 

  • Bloggers
  • Niche Site Builders
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Product Launchers
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Any WordPress Users

Save Time

Deploy WordPress sites in just 3-clicks with plugins and themes installed and configured for you, Saving hours of work and ready to start adding your content.

Pre Level Configuration

WordPress Alpha website builder deploys sites already optimized for SEO, Speed with super fast page load time, list building, marketing and even installs your site SSL certificate.

Keep More Of Your Money

As well as saving time, WordPress Alpha also saves you money paying outsourcers hundreds or thousands of dollars to build your WordPress website for you.

WordPress Alpha

Who Else Wants To Speed Up Their Business With The Best WordPress Website Builder On The Market?

Fast Site Deployment

It literally takes just three steps. 1. Add your domain name and URL and click submit.
2. It takes about 3 minutes then you are provided the IP to add an A record into Namecheap or Godaddy (or your preferred  domain registrar)
3. Once your site is propagated you click to install the SSL certificate.

Ready To Add Content

There still some personalization to be done once your site is live such as your site title and meta description and integrate with Google analytics and Google search console which is done in a few clicks with a plugin.
After that you can remove any plugins you don't want, add your own premium plugins and start adding content.

Get To Monetization Faster

Whether you are starting a new blog, building an affiliate website based around a single product you are promoting, building a portfolio of niche sites, launching your own products, or an agency building and selling WordPress web design to clients then this will significantly speed up your journey to get to monetization.

Watch The WordPress Alpha Demo Video

Clean, Light, Appealing & Super Fast Templates

Ready To Add Your Content

High Performance, Blazing FAST Sites

Check Out This Site Speed Test On GTmetrix For a Site Built With WordPress Alpha

wordpress alpha template deployed site gtmetirx speed test screenshot

This is Much More Than WordPress Website Builder Tool, It's a Multi-Optimized Preconfigured Marketing & Money Saving Software Designed To Help You 'Move The Needle' and Get To List Building & Monetization Faster.

The Top WordPress Alpha Features...

preconfigured templates

The main feature of WordPress Alpha is the preconfigured templates.
Here's what we have now and what's to come.

  • Blog Template - clean, fresh and light for a super fast user experience
  • Affiliate Template - Designed for promoting one dedicated product or product type with multiple CTAs and list building opportunities.
  • Affiliate Webinar Affiliate Template - Want to go high ticket with your affiliate marketing, then this is for you with quick, easy setup that looks great and builds your audience.
  • Local Directory Template - Tap into a local marketing strategy for building a monetized lead generation and Ad revenue site.
  • Local Niche Business Templates - Running an agency? This has pre built local niche sites with great looking designs and marketing elements like click to call and opt-in forms.
  • More to come

deployed in 3-clicks & live in minutes

The speed of deployment is a major highlight of WordPress Alpha website builder. It literally is three steps to deploying your website and the chosen template will be live on the server within minutes.

core essential plugins

The preconfigured plugins are the engine of your new site.

We have plugins with settings done for most plugins that cover essential functionality including:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Backups
  • Caching
  • Security
  • Forms
  • Popups
  • Social media

clean, light, fast & optimized theme

There are many great WordPress themes out there, however we have chosen to work with one main theme which is Generate Press. This is a light, fast and clean looking as well as easy to optimize for SEO and speed.

You can change to your own preferred them if you choose, and add your own plugins as with any other WordPress site.

deployed on blazing fast hosting (3rd party)

WordPress Alpha currently integrates with Digital Ocean and we are working to add Cloudways.

These are very fast hosting solutions for WordPress sites.

A server (or droplet as they are called on Digital Ocean) for one site costs $5 per month.

This is higher cost than hosting like Bluehost or HostGator but i found those hosting solutions to be slow and have had them crash when there was heavy traffic on the site.
The quality of your hosting is crucial for SEO, User experience and Digital Ocean is an affordable, high quality option for hoisting WordPress sites while maintaining speed and its easily scaled up when needed.

lightning fast page load time

When you have too many plugins and themes on WordPress it can becomes slow, this gets even worse when using a lower quality hosting service. WordPress Alpha is built with a blend of essential plugins that do not conflict with each other, and with the sites deployed on high quality hosting we have the ability to maintain the speed.
The plugin configurations for image compression, Gzip and Caching takes care of the ongoing site speed as you start adding more content and driving more traffic.

ssl certificate installed in 1-click

One of the biggest issues facing WordPress users today is the need to use SSL certificates. The reason its an issue is because there are often too many steps and uncertainty what certificate option to purchase or where to get them free and then how to install the certificate properly.
That has been taken care of with our unique one click solution that installs the SSL certificate for you.

You don't have to look for one, you don't have to figure out how to install one manually, just one click and it's done for you.

on-site seo optimized

Optimizing WordPress sites for SEO includes site speed, being mobile friendly, integration with Google search console and Google analytics and many more small but important tasks which are typically done with SEO plugins like Rank Math, Yoast and All In One SEO.

We have all 3 installed with most of the settings done.
You can choose the one you want to work with and delete the other two. 

ready to add content

Having saved hours of work getting a professionally preconfigured site set up, you can focus on content and driving traffic instead of hundreds of small but important tasks that WordPress Alpha has taken care of for you.


Look At How Much Money & Time This Could Save You If Your Hired Someone On Fiverr

Sure, you can find less cost Gigs on Fiverr but you typically get what you pay for there

Almost 1000 bucks and 15 DAYS waiting time

screenshot 1 of wordpress website expert on fiverr

700 bucks and 15 DAYS waiting time

screenshot 2 of wordpress website expert on fiverr

Almost 500 bucks and 14 DAYS waiting time

screenshot 3 of wordpress  seowebsite builder expert on fiverr

Almost 900 bucks and 7 DAYS waiting time

screenshot 4 of wordpress website expert on fiverr

With WordPress Alpha your site can be deployed, preconfigured, optimized, on blazing fast hosting all within minutes. No waiting, and no where near the cost of hiring WordPress website building services, that often do not come with plugin configurations, SEO, Page Speed optimization, opt-in forms, security, backups, SSL certificate installed and more!


Do i need to buy anything else to use WordPress Alpha? 

You need to pay for hosting, currently we deploy sites into Digital Ocean droplets (servers) which cost $5 per month but give you blazing fast sites and the server resources can be expanded easily as your traffic grows.

Can i add my own premium themes and plugins?

Yes, you can add themes, plugins and change things as you would do with any other WordPress site.

What hosting options do i have with WordPress Alpha?

Currently, we are working to integrate with Cloudways which gives access to hosting on Vultr, Digital Ocean and Linode with managed security, automated Backups, 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring, All PHP Apps Supported.
They also support multi-site servers from around $12 a month.
Cloudways works really well for WordPress and includes WordPress server caching and even a free WordPress optimization plugin.
This is lighting fast, high quality hosting.
We tried previously with lower cost hosting with Bluehost, but the performance was slow, and we have removed it from WordPress Alpha.

Can i buy one site install licenses as and when i need? 

Yes you can.
If you do not intent to build many sites you can purchase a single site license which is much less cost and faster than paying for a fiverr gig which may, or may not give you the same quality.

Will you be building WordPress funnels templates?

We will be building funnels and offering deployed funnel templates as an upgrade.
We expect to be releasing 1 to 2 funnel templates each month including Lead Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Product Launch Funnels, Affiliate Funnels and More.

Does WordPress Alpha integrate with Cloudflare?

Yes, you can add an 'a record' into cloudflare instead of your domain registrar to use the cloudflare DNS. 

If you're looking for an easy to operate tool That Helps You To Focus On Content without having to spend time or money Building And Optimizing WordPress Websitesthat won't cost you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per year, then this is for you...

So, Who Is This For?

Anybody who falls into one of these categories:

  • Bloggers who want to clean fast preconfigured site without the waiting focus on producing content.
  • Niche site builders who want a simple set up in just a few minutes to help them build their portfolio faster.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to create mini sites that focus on just one product or product type (best with exact match domains) regularly and want to deploy 'fill in the blank' mini sites fast.
  • Content marketers who want to create high quality sites on demand and focus on content rather than laborious WordPress setup.
  • Local marketers - You just want quick and easy research handed on a plate that you can easily identify content angles, and sub-topic ideas quickly and dig deeper into for fast content mapping.
  • Product launchers - You want a tool that you can give you a fast site build for your latest product with a named domain.
  • Freelancers - You don't want to be slow building sites for your orders and need a fast easy solution to fulfill your orders faster.
  • Agencies - You want a tool that can help you scale faster and charge a healthy profit for just a few minutes work.
  • Businesses, You just want a fast, easy website built that bypasses the need for hiring and waiting for outsourcers.
  • Seminar and webinar trainers - You may want to offer training on site building and need a template to get your customers started on. I used to do this using pre-built templates and charged for seminars of 10 people at 500 GBP each, resulting in 5000 GBP per session. Not bad for a days work.
  • Consultants - You want to recommend to your clients something that's quick and easy for them to do to make sites for tehir services and products.
  • Anyone who uses WordPress - You want to take advantage of having a tool to knock out new sites as and when you need saving hours of work, while knowing the site is built well and looks great to get started.

Did any of those describe you?

If it did, then you can speed up your site building today.

Get WordPress Alpha Today From Just $29.99!

Here we have a highly attractive offer for you and you need to make a decision right now if you want to take advantage of the founder members offer.
WordPress Alpha will not be at this price for very long, jump in now and lock in your special discount.

wordpress alpha
wordpress alpha

Are you ready to deploy optimized, pre-configured & blazing fast WordPress websites in 3 -clicks, ready to add content.
Saving you hours of core setup time for essential plugins and themes.

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You missed out!

Guarantee - Please Read This Carefully...

  • Due to the nature of this tool we are only offering refunds within 7 days of purchase.
  • Further, we will only offer refunds if you have not deployed more than 1 site, this is to prevent serial refund issues.
  • Beyond that, we will only offer refunds only if there is a technical issue and the app is not working correctly.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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