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What Is Video Content Syndication Service?

This is a super powerful service that's easy for you to submit the info needed for us to do the heavy lifting.

We literally only need a YouTube video url and a thumbnail from you and we can run this service to do the following:

  • We take your video from the YouTube URL that you provide.
  • We syndicate ot to 20 video sharing sites
  • We then extract the MP3 from your video and distribute it to 20 Audio sharing sites
  • We then take your Thumbnail and distribute to 20 image sharing sites
  • We then take your video description and add it to a PDF and distribute it to 20 Doc sharing sites
  • Any future orders you make will be added to the same accounts.
  • The cost is $47.00 per campaign for the first order as we create accounts.
  • Or you can order recurring at $37.00 month for one campaign (after your first order)

    There is strategy within this too

    All posts link back to your YouTube video and I suggest one more link to anywhere you choose, I suggest that if using leadblasta, then link back to your chrome extension page on chrome store.

    Your tags will be used as anchor text where possible

    Your video should also link to whatever your second link is from the video description

    I suggest that you do not use more than 2 links (add both links into your youtube video description before ordering, including the same video url you are adding link to)

    To save time you can send us your thumbnail

    I suggest that you save as jpeg file with your main keyword in the file name

    When you upload your video to YouTube we have some basics that you should follow too

    Your MP4 file should have the main keyword in the file name

    Your title should have your main keyword within it

    Your tags should all be in your description too

    If all this is done then all we need from you is your YouTube video URL, your keywords and a thumbnail!

  • 20 Video Sharing Site LInks
  • 20 MP3 Sharing Site LInks
  • 20 Image Site LInks
  • 20 Doc Sharing Site LInks
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