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WP ContentRanker is a new WordPress plugin from Abbas Ravji with multiple SEO elements to help you create content that ranks and drive targeted traffic from Google.

As always with Abbas products, this is a well thought out tool with innovative strategies built into an easy to use software to help you get to page one without too much effort.

I have been looking forward to seeing this tool in action as Abbas was telling me about it as it was being built out and about the rankings that his “customer based testing team” have been getting when using it on the build up to this launch.

WP ContentRanker shows you how to rank in Google by dissecting and analyzing the top 10 results, giving you the information needed to know how and why they are ranking to help you beat your competition.

It also has an awesome drag and drop content builder for curating WordPress posts using content from the top ranking search results for any keyword, so that you can build optimized content that is ready to rank with drag and drop curation using text, images, videos and a few other content elements including some that i have never thought of before.

It really is a well put together and well thought out tool that will help all content marketers, bloggers and SEOs understand what is needed to rank for any keyword.

Let’s Take a look at a Demo Video that Abbas sent me last night and you will see content being built out and after hitting the publish button it’s ranking on page one.

Watch This Demo Of WP ContentRanker - Hit Publish & Rank Page One in 44 SECONDS!

There are so many ways that we can use this tool to gain an unfair advantage and my sticky notes that I was typing out as I watched the demo videos is packed with ideas.

Here’re just some of my thoughts on how we can use WP ContentRanker..

  • WP ContentRanker is an awesome tool for testing how hard it really is to rank for keywords.
  • It has huge potential for creating PBN content so that you can get backlinks that you control.
  • Taking that backlinks angle and thought further…This has got huge potential to provide page one ranking backlinks to high quality money site content for your own review posts, blog or landing pages.

    (In fact I like this angle so much that I will do a bonus video and mind map of how this works and how we can take it even further again without too much time or effort).
  • You could use this to create internal links from a different WordPress Folder on your main domain, similar to Abbas previous product WP VideoSites..
  • In fact this one could be even better than WP VideoSites as you have more flexibility of the content type being used, or even better could be used in a combo strategy with both tools.
  • You could build out content on a bunch of expired domains and get page one rankings for multiple related keywords linking to your money site content and later 301 redirect those expired domain posts to your main high quality original content.
  • You could even use this to create content to syndicate in bulk to web 2.0 and social sites for even more power.

I could go on but I think you get the picture by now and hopefully will be able to add a few more ideas of your own to the list.

One thing I feel maybe overlooked with this new tools is that it fills a major gap in the market for high quality content curation and I want to explain that a little further so that you get a clear idea of the value of this tool (especially when you see the price it’s being sold for during launch)

Last year when we started the Niche Ripping course I went looking for a good quality curation tool and I tried and tested several products, some cost as much as three or four hundred dollars and these tools I spent money on were either limited in what they could do, buggy or didnt do what they said they could…or at least not very easily.

WP ContentRanker works really well and has so many content elements to choose from and it really isn’t hard to get to grips with.

With the addition of the SEO analysis tools built in as well as the on page optimization elements and multiple other features this is hands down one of the very best content curation tools on the market and it costs just $17.00

Yep, Seriously…It Costs Just $17.00 during launch week!

What about the upsells?
There is just one upsell and thats for more features and costs just $27.00

Let’s Take a Look At Some Testimonials & Comments

My Bonuses…

If you buy the front end $17.00 offer I will give you my Twitter RSS Xtreme plugin with 5 sites license, this tool will help you build instant social signals in bulk and do some advanced ninja SEO stuff in a couple of clicks

Heres how it works for the RSS elements in Twitter RSS Xtreme...

  • It will allow you to tweet links to your posts
  • It will take your tweet rss feed (yep we create rss feed for each tweet:) as well as your twitter account rss feed and you can add any other twitter account or influencers twitter handle.
  • Then it will create multiple short urls for each.
  • It will mash all the urls into one feed
  • You then send this mashed feed url to feedburner and burn a feed there. Remember that feedburner is a google property and this helps for fast indexing too
  • Then you take the new feedburner URL and add back into Twitter RSS Xtreme and it will ping the feed and send it to RSS directories in one click
  • You can watch the Twitter RSS Xtreme video here

But That’s Not All…

There is a second element to this tool and it's awesome!

  • You can add unlimited twitter accounts
  • You can assign one twitter account as the authority account and this will be used to do the tweets.
  • The other twitter accounts will retweet the original tweet from the authority account to give you fast bulk social signals.

So if you had a good twitter account that has built authority and a decent following this is giving you a major advantage, in fact you can even buy twitter accounts either in bulk or if you look in fiverr or konker you can find them with good SEO metrics too

This is a very cool and unique little tool that is fast and simple to use, if you already have it as a bonus previously you probably got a 5 site license, this will give you an additional 5 sites.

My Second Bonus….If you buy the OTO for WP ContentRanker

I will give you my brand new Tumblr RSS Xtreme (5 Site License)

This tool does the exact same as the twitter tools with Tumblr RSS feeds this time with Tumblr post rss feeds and Tumblr blog rss feeds, short urls, mashing, feedburner, ping and index etc.

You can ALSO add unlimited Tumblr accounts to reblog any Tumblr blog post.
If you have any of my Alpha tool’s with the one click account creators then you can see how this could get very powerful fast by creating Tumblr accounts easily in bulk.

You can watch the Tumblr RSS Xtreme plugin demo video here

How To Claim Your Bonuses...

All you have to do is buy WP ContentRanker from my link and send in your receipt to [email protected], give my support team a ,little bit of time to confirm the purchase was from my link and they will send you the latest versions of the tools and your license key.

Remember that each of these RSS xtreme tool allow you only one authority account for Twiitter and Tumblr for each install, so having a 5 site license gives you scope to manage multiple niches or campaigns in different sites which is perfect when doing niche marketing, local marketing or even ecom type sites with WordPress.

WP ContentRanker goes live today Thursday, 27th July so watch out for my email or come back here and click on the button below to buy from my link and claim your bonuses!

To Claim Your Bonuses For WP ContentRanker Please Send Your Purchase Receipt To [email protected] and once we have confirmed that you have purchased through my link we will send you your bonuses and license keys




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