Vidello Review: Low Cost Video Hosting For Marketers


[toc] When it comes to video hosting there are few options that are affordable for many marketers just getting started or those that have yet to create a stable income.

Similarly even established marketers may baulk at some of the monthly prices for well known services, the objections to taking on yet another monthly cost are raised significantly when presented with $80 or $99 per month price-points.

At that point people start looking for alternatives from services such as server or cloud hosting, free sites like YouTube and a combination of these with WordPress plugins to try and achieve similar results.

Now looking at alternatives we really need to keep marketing in mind as we need to be able to get stats, split test, add call to actions and do much more, at least of you want to take your marketing to the next level and use data, stats and split testing to learn, tweak, optimize and grow.

Sure, we can use Amazon S3 but we need to do a lot more with videos apart from just hosting, and of course there are a wide range of WordPress plugins that we can use with videos hosted on free platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion etc.

There is a new product being released this week by Josh Rata called Vidello and during the launch you can get it at a very good price, but only during the launch period.

Vidello is a video hosting application, its web based and its built by marketers for marketers.

I did manage to get Josh on a call and the discussion and demo is below on this post.

So What Are We Looking For In Video Hosting?

This is a sensible place to start, especially for my audience as i know that a lot of you are at a higher level of marketing and everything you do gets tested, analyzed and optimized right? 🙂

Unfortunately for many its hit and miss and a scattergun approach, even for those that may feel they are more advanced marketers.

I spent a lot of time recently digging into growth hacking from some top traffic guru’s that have built massive email lists and taken start ups from zero to 7 figures in months and all of them use analytics, metrics and split testing as the core of their growth.

So why video hosting?

Simply it allows us to do more than what we can on free sites like YouTube, with advanced analytics, ability to split test and the ability to add marketing elements to our videos, it also looks far more professional too if doing courses (in my case this is a major factor) or servicing clients.

Who Is It For?

This are definite advantages  for people who:

  • Create info products with video.
    It’s more professional, more secure from theft, sharing and piracy and people don’t feel they got ripped off by being presented with a YouTube video.
    Until now i have to admit i am 100% guilty of using YouTube Unlisted videos for my own courses up until now so i am excited about Vidello and fully committed to using it.
  • Use video on landing pages, for list building, sales or generating affiliate commissions.
    This is big and here’s why…
    We can get analytics from landing pages, from paid traffic and even from YouTube
    You cannot get as in depth information on video retention, conversions or split testing without jumping through hoops and because of this we tend to skip a major marketing 101 principle needed to improve our results.
    An example of how important this can be was emphasized in my JV group a couple of weeks ago with one of the guys spit testing a small feature on his sales video, and that was showing video controls to stop/play/pause videos and another version with this removed.
    The Results?
    This may surprise you but the video not showing controls converted at 26% higher!

What Are The Advantages Of Using Video Hosting Over Free Platforms?

As mentioned above its about the control, its the ability to dive deeper into metrics, its being able to do everything in one platforms and not have to jump around various places to acheieve the same results and plus you own the video, and cannot lose the video in the same way if ever you had a YouTube channel banned.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Free Platforms?

In short…

  • You do not have full control over your own content
  • Your accounts can be closed down
  • It looks less professional
  • It looks less value for money if selling premium content hosting on YouTube
  • There are many distractions on sites like YouTube which can take the viewer away from your content and onto something else
  • You cannot add the same type or quality of marketing elements such as email optins, banner graphics or buy buttons on the video
  • Your videos can be downloaded, embedded or shared by any other user easily.

When Video Hosting Should ALWAYS Be Used

I recommend to use for the most important content such as premium courses, sales videos and for lead gen and list building type offer videos.

The ability to split test with different tweaks on marketing elements, use multiple marketing elements and update in real time for those marketing elements can make the difference in a successful campaign and an average or poor campaign.

My Interview With Josh Rata…

So i spotted Vidello being talked about in the JV circles and decided to take a look, my initial thoughts were that this is going to be a hard sell to a lot of people due to the monthly costs but the deeper i looked at the product the more i liked it both for myself and to recommend to my own subscribers.


Price Comparisons

Compared to Vimeo and Wistia you will find that at least during the launch this week that Vidello is far better value for money.


1 Minute Vidello Instructional Video


[button color=”blue” link=”″ align=”center” target=”_blank”]Click Here To Get Vidello Discount[/button]

Vidello Is Discounted During Launch, The Price May Have Increased If Reading This After Launch Has Closed


Why You Should Get It Now

The price will increase after the launch so you can get low cost launch pricing for Vidello just for the first few days of release but if you watched the video you will have noticed Josh mention that he will add more to the tool based on user feedback, and to me thats exciting because there will be some top marketers using this tool and the ideas, suggestions and discussions for advancing the tool and ultimately any new features will be very interesting.

My Bonuses

Ok i gotta admit that i was slight stumped with this one on what to offer for a bonus.

Here’s what i came up with so far but i may add to this bonus as its a monthly recurring cost and deliver more bonuses after month 2.

  • We are going to make a tool for adding optins to PDF’s, which is a great way to add some creative banners to Vidello videos for a short report, checklist or ebook and when they access the PDF they have to optin with a Facebook registration.
    This is a tool i have missed for a long time as it always did very well for me with conversions and optins, unfortunately the tool that i used to use is no longer working and that vendor has stopped updating it, so i did have this on my list of tools to be created for my own use as well as to offer to my own list.
  • 90 + Local & Online Video scripts that you can get a voice over created to make lead generation videos for local clients and affiliate products
  • 40+ Professional Video Thumbnails graphics for a variety of niches as above
  • GUARANTEED ACCESS to the first 2 webinars for my upcoming course “Zero to 5 Figures Per Month In Under 12 Weeks”
    This is BIG!…Why?
    I have been running some case studies on things like launch jacking, list building, low cost traffic and i have hit top spot on two major launches in the past month with just one of those launches generating just under 5 figures on its own (including the $2500 1st place prize).
    It goes much deeper than that as we need to be able to build and nurture a responsive list from scratch, and i will be teaching the exact formula to do launch promotions that has worked well every time we have used it.
    In fact i even taught the exact steps to another top, well known marketer
    …and the result?
    He just won the 1st place prize of $2000 in a very competitive launch competition
  • There are 12 weekly webinars scheduled in Total for this new course which starts on the 1st of July


What To Do Next

  1. Keep an eye on my emails on the build up to launch
  2. Keep an eye on this blog post too as i will add the link to purchase from to get my bonuses on here
  3. Watch the videos above
  4. When the cart opens on the 23rd June at 11am i will email the promo.
  5. Register for the pre launch webinar which starts at 10am
  6. Join The Skype Group For Bonuses (Jump The Queue)

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Vidello Is Discounted During Launch, The Price May Have Increased If Reading This After Launch Has Closed





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