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Finally, A One Time Fee, Low Cost Solution to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts!

Managing multiple social media accounts can be a time consuming, confusing and soul sucking task that you either pay for in time or money.
For many marketers the budget may not be there to hire someone full time for managing multiple accounts and even if they try and hire someone from freelance sites like upwork its often hit or miss whether you get a consistently good employee who cares enough about the job.

Often virtual assistants start off well but soon start neglecting tasks but more than happy to invoice on time with enthusiasm and consistency not shown in their work.
In fact for many marketers, trying to manage multiple accounts is a pain in the ASS that just wont go away.
There has to be a better solution to manage all of your social media accounts easily without having to spend big or monthly recurring costs.
Fortunately i have found that solution which is a great deal for all of us and it’s a system that if used properly can drive extra traffic, leads, sales and build engagement through effortless social interactions with your audience.

[box type=”info” fontsize=”16″ radius=”10″]A new tool was launched this week by Dr Amit Pareek, the guy behind the well known and high quality Biz in a Box PLR membership.
Amit has been around for a long time and he produces quality products consistently and has a solid reputation within the JVzoo marketplace for both the vendors and customers community.
His new tool Socideck is able to manage multiple social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it has some very cool features.[/box]
Truth be told there are some Free apps to manage multiple social accounts but the value is in what they do and to get extra features it almost always means a monthly recurring fee.
Free is good but its always too limited if you want to scale up, especially if you want to run social media management for multiple clients or have multiple social media profiles for multiple niches as an affiliate marketer.
Before we get into the features lets consider why tools like this are important and how you can take advantage..

social media used by 2.77 billion users worldwide graphic

Top companies like McDonalds, Pepsi, Coke, Mercedes Benz spend millions of dollars every year to interact with their target audience through social media, and will continue to do the same in near future as well just because of a simple reason, it works and provides them multiple benefits such as..
[box type=”info” fontsize=”16″ radius=”10″]Customer Service That Keeps Their Following Happy
Increased Exposure For Promotions, Deals & Discounts
Helps Get Their Content Viral
Reduces Their Ad Spend Costs
Increase in their search ranking & website traffic
Effective Brand Building & Reputation Management
Easier and Faster Organic Spread of their Content to make it Go Viral
Higher Conversions, Leads, Sales and Return On Their Investment[/box]

So lets get back to Socideck…
See how it works in this short video

Pretty Cool Huh?… The best part is that it costs just $18.00!

(One Time Fee For Lifetime Access) right now if you use the coupon code at the bottom of the post

This is one of those tools that you either really need now or will at some point need it in future but as always with JVzoo launches they are low cost during launch and afterwards jump up in price by as much as 5 times the launch price, so for $18.00 its a must have investment in my opinion.

Who is This For?…

Socideck is Built to Work in ANY NICHE & No Matter Which Kind of Marketer You are, It’s for YOU.

They do have some up-sells too, pretty decent ones at that, especially the agency version in which you can add multiple clients and give them their own login,In fact if your running an agency this is a major money saver, time saver and profit maker.

Look How Easy Is To Use Socideck

I took this graphic from the sales page and of course there are other elements before you get to profitability but as a social media management app for multiple accounts at just $18.00 its a great tool to have.
We have just started to add our own accounts and although you need to manually create api keys there is easy to follow video training on how to do that.
One of the key things for me is to be able to add multiple profiles which has all three accounts in each for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and that’s easy to do.
In fact we use more than one of each for the various niches we work in, especially with our Niche Ripping (with Traffic Scout Alpha) projects and it came at the right time for us.


What To Do Now?

Socideck launch runs until September 20th and then the price is rising for the front end offer to up to $67.00, i highly recommend getting this tool now as its something that eventually you will feel you need especially if you are following the niche ripping live course or offering services to businesses.
You Need To Use The Coupon Code Below To Get $10.00 Off!
[button color=”orange” link=”″ rel=”nofollow” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank”]Click Here To Get SociDeck[/button]
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