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List Building & 5-Figure Affiliate Promotion Strategies


Thank You For Purchasing Traffic Sculpting: Rapid Affiliate Edition

This is a step by step system that essentially can be broken down into 3 parts.

Step 1 

Build a Lead Magnet With Optin Gate

We will use LeadBlasta to create a Lead magnet that we will export as a Chrome extension and an android app, and add an Opt-in gate and some CTAs inside the App

Step 2

Drive Targeted Traffic And Build Your List

This is the easiest part. We will drive paid and organic traffic through Chrome store, simple SEO and Rapid Traffic Through Google Ads 'App Installs' campaigns.

Step 3 

Nurture & Monetize Your List

Create a simple 4 step monetized list nurturing sequence  to build 'know, like and trust' and then we get into some proven and profitable affiliate marketing strategies

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All training and resources are below. Click on a tab for each section, and on the right side you will see either video or text related to the tab topic.

We have sections (tabs) for LeadBlasta software tutorials, and also for the Rapid Affiliate training broken down into sections. Under some videos you will see a checklist of the takeaways from the video, but please do not skip the videos as they explain things in more details and some nuances that you should be aware of.

Each step has THREE related videos

  • The Explainer Video (Shorter overview of the step) - You will find these in the 'List Building Steps' tab
  • The Webinar Replay That Covers The Step (A webinar may cover more than one step where i think it's necessary)
  • My Over The Shoulder Video As I Do The Steps In a Brand New Campaign That I Am Doing For Myself To Build My Affiliate Marketing List

This should give you a deep understanding of each step and task that is needed, with nothing left out.
There are also numerous bonus strategy videos throughout the Tutorials below


  • Software & Group Access 
  • LeadBlasta APP Quick Start...
  • LeadBlasta App Marketing Elements
  • Rapid Affiliate System Quick Start

New User Interface & Features (Demo CTA Set Up)

How To Add Your Chrome Extension Into Chrome Store Dev Console

On Page SEO Tips (New Sessions Will Be Added Here As We Learn More About Chrome Store Rankings)



  • Watch Me Do It Over The Shoulder 
  • 5-Figure Affiliate Strategies
  • Add Your App To Play Store 
  • Webinar Replays
  • Resources

How To KNOW What Angle Will Work Best For Your Affiliate Promotions
Even BEFORE You Send An Email

How To Get Kickass Bonus Tools Built FAST & At Low Cost To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales

Live Bonus Building Demo

Targeted Vendor Audience Campaign Strategy

The 'Know Your Audience' Sculpted Campaign Strategy

Targeted Vendor Audience Campaign Strategy

The David and Goliath Launch Jacking Strategy

The 'Never Fail' Affiliate Launch Jacking Strategy

Recommended WordPress Plugins For Affiliates

Additional High Quality Traffic Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

Examples of some of my own checklists that have brought in thousands of Optins ...

These checklists are examples of different styles that i have done over the years.

There is a wide range here from useful tools, lists of resources, mini courses, How To Checklists and Curated/Recommended Affiliate Offers




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