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    Anthony Hayes

    Ask any questions in comments below

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    Hey Tony,

    When you contact the influencer about for example the Chrome extension, how do you make the email capturing thing?
    You just send the blogger a link to the landing page?

    Ad. guest post: how you generate traffic from that post? Do you put a link to the landing page inside of the content?

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      Anthony Hayes

      Hi Luke,
      I just put it behind a simple squeeze page but you need the Influencer to agree to that, most will understand that list building is essential to marketing today but some may not want to agree to that.
      Always include link inside the chrome extension direct to the Influencer content that you have miniscsraped, this should be explained to them when you approach them and they can see the traffic potential of people going to their blog.
      For guest posts, if you are doing one for high traffic sites then you can ask for link back to your own blog to get a free tool (Squeeze, landing page) or to learn more about what you are doing and have a full page overlay or slide in offer to get people opted into your list.
      Just make sure the offer used for that is congruent to the audience you are targeting from the guest post on the influencer site

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