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The VidSpy Alpha tool is blazing fast and you can input unlimited keywords to find quality expired domains ready to buy from Namecheap and GoDaddy

Find  Broken Link Backlink Building Opportunities

White Hat SEO's can find endless broken link opportunities with traffic quickly and easily for quality backlink opportunities.

Find Expired Domains With Traffic & Backlinks

The expired domains that you can find often come from videos with ongoing traffic and rankings and those expired domains have backlinks too.

Here's What You Can Do With This Amazing Software Suite

  • Powerful SEO & Traffic Tools
  • Find Broken Links On YouTube
  • Get Instant SEO Metrics
  • Relevant Backlink Profiles
  • Search In Bulk (100's Of Keywords At One Time!)
  • Green Highlight If Available To Buy Domain Now!
  • Build Niche Relevant PBN's Super Fast
  • Find Expired Domains With High Volume Video Traffic 
  • Find Broken Links On DailyMotion
  • Daily Motion Broken Links
  • Instantly Get Moz DA & PA
  • Get Spam Score Instantly!
  • Get Moz Trust & Moz Rank
  • Get Title, Descriptions & Tags
  • Advanced Filtering Options
  • Discover Expired Domains For Private Blog Networks
  • Discover Expired Domains For Powerful 301 Redirects
  • Download High Traffic Videos That Link To Expired Domains
  • Re-Upload With Same Title & Meta Tags
  • Drive Instant Free targeted Traffic
  • Boost Your Rankings
  • Grab The GURU Version For The Tube Ad Targeter Tool...
  • Discover Thousands of Video AD Placement Opprtunities
  • Produces 100's Of Results In One Click
  • Search With Hundreds Of Relevant Keywords
  • Drive Low Cost Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Offers
  • Steal Your Competitors Traffic
  • Gain An Unfair Advantage!

Introducing VidSpy Alpha!

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So What Is VidSpy Alpha?

Its as Simple as 1,2, 3!

Find Quality Expired Domains

  • Searches YouTube & Daily Motion Broken Links
  • Instant Highlights Ready To Buy Expired Domains 
  • Advanced Filtering Options For Traffic & Backlinks
  • Highly Relevant Backlink Profile Domains To Massively Boost Your SEO
  • Search 100's Or 1000's Of Keywords In One Click

Get Instant SEO Metrics

  • Instant Spam Scoring On Available Domains
  • Instant Domain & Page Authority
  • Sort By Backlinks, Trust, Moz Rank & Authority
  • Get Full Meta data Including Title, Descriptions & Tags For High Traffic Videos Linking To Expired Domains

Find Thousands Of Ad Placement Opportunities On YouTube!

  • Other Tools Usually Give You Maximum of 200 Ad Placement Opportunities, Vidspy Gives You 1000's In ONE Click!
  • Search Hundreds Of Relevant Keywords At One Time
  • Discover Low Cost Ad Opportunities That Your Competitors Will Never Know About!
  • Advertise On Your Competitors Videos & Steal Traffic Leveraging Their Hard Work & Rankings!

Want Some Strategies On How To Use It?

How To Rank, Drive Traffic & Make Money With VidSpy Alpha

Four Strategy Ideas To Consider

  • Build Highly Relevant PBN Networks
  • 301 Redirect Highest Quality Domains
  • Rebuild Successful Campaigns That Have High Traffic Videos Linking To Expired Domains 
  • Recreate & Modernize Successful Affiliate YouTube Video Marketing Campaigns
Build Highly Relevant PBN's In Any Niche Fast At Low Cost

Strategy 1...
Build PBN Networks With Ease!

  • Find Targeted Domains In Any Niche
  • Watch My Strategy Video Below
  • Add Domains To A PBN System
  • Backlink, Rank & Make Money!
Discover Powerful Expired Domains For 301 Redirects

Strategy 2...
Power Up Rankings With 301 Redirects

  • Find High Quality Domains In Minutes
  • Rebuild & Re-Index
  • 301 Redirect Your Domain 
  • Get Results Like My Case Study 
  • See My Case Study Video Below
Re-Create & Modernize Successful High Traffic Affiliate Campaigns!

Strategy 3...
Re-Create & Modernize Successful

High Traffic Affiliate Campaigns!

  • Find High Traffic Videos  With Broken Links
  • Download The Video
  • Update & Modernize The Campaign
  • Re-Upload The Video With Same Title, Tags
  • Send Existing Traffic To Your Own Offer
  • Monetization From Ads, CPA, Affiliate Offers

Strategy 4...
Power Up Rankings With Twitter SEO

  • Find Quality Expired Twitter Accounts In Minutes
  • Recreate The Accounts
  • Discover Twitter Accounts With Backlinks
  • Add Money Site Link To Twitter Profile
  • In Many Ways This Is Better Than PBN Links!

Watch My Strategy Overview Videos Below

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With Full GURU Version  Upgrade
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Instant SEO Metrics  With Free MOZ API
  • Scrapes YouTube & DailyMotion
  • Scrapes Wikipedia, Reddit, Vimeo, Pinterest
  • Free Moz Api Integration
  • Indicates Expired Domains Instantly
  • Indicates Expired Social Profiles & Web 2.0 Instantly
  • Spam Score On Available Domains
  • Finds High Traffic Web 2.0 Broken Links
  • High Volume Bulk Keyword Search
  • YouTube SEO Competition Analysis Tool Included
  • Channel Spy Tool (Rip Apart Niches In Seconds)
  • YouTube Ads Placement Targeting (Get 1000s Of URLs)
  • One Time Cost, Lifetime Access!
VidSpy Alpha X

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  • What Else Do I Need?

  • strategy

  • Can I use this software on a Mac?

What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?

You'll need Moz API Key (you can addd multiple keys)
You No Longer Need YouTube API keys, we have bypassed that need now.
You May Need Proxies or Captcha Solvers...Try Without First, If You Are a Heavy User Then You'll Likely Need Proxies

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee