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Dear Marketer,

We've all been there....

  •  Money down the toilet trying to get leads...
  •  You even wonder if they were actually bots!
  • Or Worse, Always 'Ready, Steady, Aim' But Never Fire... And Nothing gets Done

Let Me Fix That For You TODAY!

Say Goodbye To

  • Poor Traffic
  • Wasted Money
  • Failed Campaigns
  • Overwhelm & Inaction
  • Fear Of Taking Action

Seriously, lets FIX THiS...
This InAction or Poor Results Ends TODAY!

Without Paying Through The Nose For It All Too

And From Now On, You Just Set & Forget!

Because this breakthrough PPC Software leaves Facebook and Bing ads looking like dinasours!

We call it the AdBlasta D-Day Traffic System”. But how does it work?

Well, all the awesome brainpower of expert PPC & SEO marketers is all built in to this fill-in-the-blanks, point & click software.

It really is just:

Load Up

Fill in the blanks

Sit back and receive traffic

And That's 

Not All

It uses a sneaky way to get your video tagged by YouTube’s algorithm - A sniper-style method of working the YouTube algorithm that KILLS your competition, even for organic traffic!

And your cost per click is no more than a Penny Per Video view
In Fact a Dollar a Day Brings In TARGETED and TWICE Pre-Qualified 100 Views daily- Hence the “D-Day” Traffic System!

AND It’s 100% Safe – It Does Not Break Youtube’s Rules, Yet Smacks Their Algorithm In The Mouth!

It works completely in the background while you have your coffee. In fact, this expert method of driving traffic stands on the shoulders of giants who have already done the hard work for you!

In fact this is so smart, it filters out ALL the junk traffic and leaves you only the very BEST, pre-qualified traffic before they’re allowed anywhere near your video! It reduces wasted clicks to zero – meaning you literally don’t waste a cent.

AND you can hit your traffic sourcing from As Much As FIVE different angles – ALL again super targeted!

One of the techniques it employs is a “piggy-back” method to guarantee laser targeted, enthusiastic traffic with VERY high watch time (very important!).

See The Proof – It’s That Powerful! 

531 Video Views For 1 Cent Each!

223 Video Views For 1 Cent Each!

2,649 Video Views For 1 Cent Each!

See? Consistent Results!

“Starting from the first campaigns where we tested different ad groups, through to the first campaigns using the new Adblasta 'Fill In The Blanks’ Software I was able to scale this up, and it is still consistent.

This has now been replicated in multiple ad accounts and it produces time after time!”

Watch How To Start Getting 1 Cent, Laser - Targeted Traffic in Just 6 Minutes FromNow

And we haven't even scratched the surface on what more wonders this tool can do for you and your business

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business – without traffic, your business DIES. So whether you do business in:

  •   Jvzoo
  •   Clickbank
  •   Warrior Forum
  •   Affiliate Marketing
  •   Product launches

.... you name it - This works with ANY online marketing businesses that needs traffic to thrive!

Simpler, Cheaper, Easier, & More Profitable than Google, Facebook or Bing PPC

What makes this groundbreaking software so awesome is that is has harnessed the massive power of these traffic juggernauts to siphon off only the best, cheapest and most accurate traffic for YOU.

It has a STRICT 2-step pre-qualification that all human traffic MUST go through BEFORE you pay literally 1 cent for them to come to you! This software automates it all!

As well as this, the cutting edge coding inside this advanced software makes sure only PROVEN tags on massive videos are used for your traffic generation – zero wasted clicks!

Here are some more powerful benefits effectively puts money straight into your pocket!

Laser targeted traffic for only 1 cent per click, 2 cents max – this clever software makes sure it is flat-out impossible to spend any more than that!

The HUGE amounts of money you save (and then make!) - This tool means that you have more money to spend on your family and the important things in life.

Massive time saved means:

  •   You have more time to grow your business elsewhere! An almost completely hands-off solution!
  •   You have more time to work on new businesses.
  •   Or simply more time to spend with your lovely family while making more money for less work!

It’s ALL Newbie friendly – no need to be a PPC or SEO expert

English speaking traffic. Most cheap traffic comes with the MAJOR catch that they don’t speak English! It’s money down the drain. With Adblasta, the genius software ensures only English speakers come to your page If that whats you want.

Hundreds Of Delighted Users Just Like You Can’t Be Wrong!



Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after



Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.



Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced the teacher/ instructor, so they should focus on how great the course teacher is and why they are worth trusting.

*All testimonials 100% genuine and verifiable.

Like I said, any idiot can make money from these leads and Zero tech knowledge is needed. But we don’t leave you to it. Nope!

  • You get our support team at your service as a valued owner of the AdBlasta tool.
  • PLUS you get a whole set of video trainings on audience targeting and writing ad copy, as well as optimizing your YouTube videos to give it the best chance of ranking with the increased video views and eatch time.
  • I’ll also recommend some additional services and Fiverr gigs for getting videos made, backlinking for more competitive keywords and my personal marketing checklists too.

Nothing is left out – you get every assistance you could ever need!

And the benefits to owning D-Day Traffic System don't stop here

This is where PPC meets SEO – quality PPC traffic means SEO boost too!

The accurate and exact traffic increases your watch time and engagement, which simultaneously gets love from Google for no extra work!

Get a profitable ad campaign for As LITTLE AS  $1 a day in 5 minutes flat!

PINPOINT targeting for your ads like you’re a killer sniper – 
Zero fluff, zero wastage!

And even more including ...

Get MASSIVE traffic to your YouTube videos in just a few clicks!

Realistically get GUARANTEED traffic EVERYTIME you switch it on.

Get your videos ranking HIGH with a sneaky SEO trick

How to piggy back YouTube and Google's own power and use it to YOUR advantage for a change – completely legally!

A complete inbuilt Traffic machine that has massive SEO benefits too.

The secret sauce to getting 1 cent clicks while your competition pays through the nose!

How 1 “seed” brings up to 300 traffic “trees” you’d never have thought of!

My winning PPC recipe built in. Just plug-and-play

How to grab the priceless low hanging fruit that escapes your competition!

1000 perfectly matched visits for just $10

COMPLETE control over your laser targeted traffic – You choose what traffic you get, and when.

Dollar a Day Maximum Spend Campaigns (Or Set Your Own Budget Knowing That Every Ten Dollars Means 1000 Video Views Who Clicked On Your Video By Choice)

The “Secret recipe” behind this software makes sure you have (and KEEP) your unfair advantage over the rest.

Campaign Settings Already Done For You! ( Just Add You Ad Copy, Set Your Budget and Click Start)

The keys to becoming a YouTube traffic juggernaut

Accurate & Unique Keyword Targeting System Included!

Get Thousands of Video Views On Every Video and Grow Your Channel Naturally

The more you use it, the smarter it becomes and the more powerful it gets!

The lazy man’s way to massive daily traffic

How $1 a day can start you on the road to $90,456 a year!

100 Laser Targeted Daily Traffic At Just $1 a Day - (or 1000 Views At $10 a Day) Everyday!

Get Guaranteed HUNGRY Traffic Every Time You Load This Done-For-You App

The world’s easiest traffic at rock bottom cost!

It’s An Unfair Advantage Over The Competition, And You Get It For Your Business With The AdBlasta “D-Day Traffic System”!

If You Knew That For Every Dollar You Spent You'd Get 100 Targeted Video Views, Then How Many Dollars Would You Spend?

And...Why Would You Ever Stop?

Can you now see how this is the best marketing planner in the PPC industry - head & shoulders above the industry standards in so many ways?

Save MASSIVE time on marketing with this simple plug-and-play tool.

Let your competition drive each other to the ground while you silently vacuum up the low hanging fruits that escaped them! - That’s probably what Adblasta does best of all, and how it can deliver to you such high quality traffic so cheaply.

This tool can grow your business 10x over. It’s the type of tool that professional businesses might spend over $1,000 for because the results in traffic and paying leads would pay for itself so easily.

However, you may not have $1,000 to spare right now and I want people to have access to this tool that I’m so proud of.

So I’m not charging 1/2 the price at $500.

I’m not even charging 1/3 of the price at $333.

For a very limited time, this life changing business tool will go for these insanely low prices. Place your order now, make it the best decision you’ve made this year!

Price Increasing Daily Throughout Launch!

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  0  0
  0  1
  0  0

You missed out!

Pricing Plan

Video Traffic Sculpting


$ 67.00

One Time Cost

Unlimited Campaigns

  • Adblasta Core Framework
  • Keyword Builder Tool
  • DFY D-Day Traffic System
  • 2 Computer License

Video Traffic Sculpting


$ 97.00

One Time Cost

Unlimited Campaigns

  • Adblasta Core Framework
  • Keyword Builder Tool
  • DFY D-Day Traffic System
  • 2 Computer License
  • Tag Grabber

Video Traffic Sculpting


$ 167.00

One Time Cost

Unlimited Campaigns

  • Adblasta Core Framework
  • Keyword Builder Tool
  • DFY D-Day Traffic System
  • 2 Computer License
  • Tag Grabber
  • Tube Ad Targeter

Video Traffic Sculpting


$ 197.00

One Time Cost

Unlimited Campaigns

  • Adblasta Core Framework
  • Keyword Builder Tool
  • DFY D-Day Traffic System
  • 2 Computer License
  • Tab Grabber
  • Tube Ad Targeter
  • Vid Series Optimizer

This exciting decision should be easy for you to make by now.

Do you want to continue to struggle with your traffic and rankings... not getting the lifeblood leads your business so desperately needs... or do you want to take this RISK FREE step to seriously change the game for you in business and in life?

This is the simplest marketing planner in the PPC industry which DESTROYS Google, Facebook and Bing at their own game.

By owning an exclusive AdBlasta license, you get ongoing and constantly improved by our genius staff – the very best in the business!

Sign up for the D-Day Traffic System now before the price goes up, and say hello to massive growth from today, EVERYDAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Else Do I Need?

  • strategy

  • Can I use this software on a Mac?

What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?

The software creates settings for the exact campaigns that we run ourselves to drive 1 cent CPC YouTube Discovery Ads.

The key to that price point is the audience targeting.
I have designed this strategy for the purpose of driving targeted YouTube traffic for guaranteed low cost video views that will increase your watch time, retention, session view time and engagement signals in order to help get better rankings.  

You will need to either add your own keywords or you can use the upsell keyword tool suggestion to get really targeted ad campaigns.

You do not need proxies or api with this YouTube Discovery Ads PPC Recipe software.

Anthony Hayes

Product Creator

Hey There,
Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing and previously running my own recruitment business for over 10 years.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your campaigns... BUT I always advocate and teach,.. that quality content comes first, followed by adding your marketing elements to convert your traffic before you start any traffic generation.

Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and continue to help tens of thousands of marketers. 

7 Days Money Back Guarantee