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Vid Attack Alpha - Video Viewer Training

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CTR & Retention Video Views Increase Blog Rankings?

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(Recording From 24th June 2020)

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More Search Engine Options

VAA More Search Engine Options
  • More Search Engines For CTR Clicks
  • Bing and Yahoo Search Engines 
  • Bing & Yahoo Video Search Engines
  •  Video CTR Clicks Through To YouTube

Blog Browser Options

VAA Blog Browser Settings
  • Blog Browser
  • Click Multiple Pages Of WordPress Sites
  • Set Overall Time To Spend On Site
  • Set How Many Pages To Browse

More Tools & Options

VAA Playlist Viewer Screenshot3
  • Playlist Search & Click
  • Watches First Video In Playlist (Yours)
  • Export Vid Curate Playlist Campaigns To Vid Attack
  • CTR Click & Bounce Tool

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