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Boost Your Sites Authority With Powerful Referral Visits In Under 60 Seconds Setup With...
Crowdsourced CTR Clicks To The URLS With Backlinks To Your Site With 'Backlink Click-Through' To Your Site With Retention Watch Time and Multi-Page Session Viewing

Its Super EASY To Use The CTR Backlink Booster...

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As you can see in the video, this is a fast and easy way to create campaigns in just a minute or two and start driving high retention views that will show up in Google Analytics as referral visits with multi-page session views and increased retention/dwell time on your websites.

These Views Will Show Up As Referral Visits In Google Analytics

  • Less Than 60 Seconds Campaign Setup
  • CTR Clicks To URLs That Backlink To Your Site
  • Increase Retention Time Spent On Your Site
  • Add Backlink URL With Multiple Keywords
  • Option To Drip Feed or Schedule Your Views
  • Desktop Tool To Do Views
  • Shows In Google Analytics As Referral  Visits
  • Clicks Through On The Backlink To Your Site
  • Multi Page Viewing On Your Site Per Session
  • Set Your Own retention Percentage Range
  • Web App To Create Campaigns In 2 -3 Minutes
  • Advanced Reporting On Campaigns

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Boost Your Websites Authority With Google In Minutes And Gain An Unfair Advantage By Triggering Engagement Signals To Force The Algorithms To Work In Your Favor... With Campaigns That Take 'Under 60 Seconds' To Set Up For Crowdsourced Referral Views And Increased Session Time & With Multi-Page Browsing

Here's How The Backlink Booster Triggers The Google Algorithm...

  • CTR Clicks To URLS That Backlink To Your Site 
    Here's how the CTR Backlinks Booster works... You add URL of a page that is backlinking to your site (ideally with domain authority and traffic) and add multiple keywords that the backlink page is ranking for (training provided.)  As an example... A Branded local business search will often show up yelp results which has a link to your local business website. The software will browse Google search results, find the URL that backlinks to your site and clicks through , then clicks on the backlink to your site to do increase session multi page browsing and increased time spent on your site and also more time on your site than on the backlink URL. 
  • Increased Watch Time and Retention With Multi Page Session Viewing
    Your sites authority can be boosted by engagement signals such as how long people spend on your site and how many pages they visit per session. The software will do that with less than 60 seconds setup, you simply do the settings for overall time spent per crowdsourced view, average watch time per page and how many pages for the software to browse. Here's another quick tip... If you link to your Google business profile from the page that the backlink is pointing to then we know from the RankAttack SEO system case studies that this will boost external links which in this case will be your GMB or Maps Page.
  • Shows Up In Google Analytics As Referral Visits
    The power in this strategy is that these views show up in Google analytics as referral visits with positive engagement signals of time spent on site and number of pages visited per session which boosts your sites authority to rank higher in Google.
  • Accelerate Your Website Authority With 1-Minute SerpAttack Campaigns .  The SerpAttack Campaign set up takes less than 60 seconds once you identify the backlink URls and what keywords they rank for. Training will be provided for that, and for local SEO, this is easy if you focus on the directory sites with high domain authority and lots of traffic such as yelp as they often will rank for your with branded keywords. Simply create your project and let other members do crowdsourced views and visits which outperform time spent on the directory site and its completely hands free.

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What else do I need to use this tool efficiently?

You'll need some proxies and captchas, we recommend to sue Squid Proxies and we integrate with 4 captcha solving services that you can choose which one to work with.

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