Generate Leads In Any Niche With Intelligent Priority Lead Scoring, Instant Email Notfication & List Building For You And Your Clients!

  • Lead Generation In Any Niche
  • Local & Offline Lead Generation 
  • Intelligent Priority Scoring 
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • High Converting Templates
  • Change Images & Text 
  • Create & Priority Score Your Own Questions
  • Integration With Autoresponders
  • Fast Easy Template Settings

Limited Time Offer *Price Reduced For Founder Members

Impress Clients & Profit With This Powerful Lead Generation System... Designed To Separate Buyer Leads From Info Seekers So That You or Your Clients Can Make More Money


How To Take Profitable Lead generation To The Next Level!

With Intelligent Priority Lead Scoring

A few years ago we got together with another marketer and created a product called "More Customers" which was a web app that had multiple high converting lead generation templates for multiple local niches including Car Dealers, Restaurants, Credits & Loans etc.

Unfortunately with time and people moving on the system was eventually lost and since then i really wanted to bring it back and upgrade it so that the templates would be more editable and could work for any niche just by changing the images and text while maintaining the original designs.

So, finally after a few failed attempts, we decided to rebuild it as a WordPress plugin that we could update and improve over time, add more templates and features and bring something to marketers that would be truly game changing.

The new plugin version was to be rebuilt, with stages of production to improve it with each stage from release and well into the future and renamed Lead Genesis.

So Why Did I Want To Rebuild This System So Badly?

Simple, it was a system and product that brought results, both for local business clients and customers.

As it happens i had set up a demo of the tool for a Thai real estate site that i built previously and a real estate marketing domain and started creating multiple lead gen pages as part of a course that i never released. I had totally forgotten about it, and over time i was contacted by multiple real estate agents here in Thailand who were interested in my lead gen services.


They didn't realize that it was not real and just set up as part of a course that i was working on but i decided to set up a few pages and add their email to the notifications. 

Then things got weird!

Two of the agents now had me on speed dial and on skype and started requesting some changes to the questions, design of the pages and to clarify that the leads that were flowing through were real.

What was weird about it is that i hadn't even turned on the traffic and the pages started ranking for some local terms without any backlinks that i could remember doing or any serious SEO efforts. In fact, after looking at it more closely i found that all i had done was set up some IFTTT recipes with the RSS feed from the site and it was enough to Rank those local terms on autopilot.

​Eventually we lost the system and i let the lead gen domain expire and i told the agents we would some day in future rebuild it.

They were gutted and maybe even a little bit angry.

Their free leads had stopped and there was no definite plan or date on when i would be bringing it back.

Start Your Own High Converting Lead Generation Business

Going back to when we first released the "more customers" product we had set up a webinar and had promised to make money live and in real time on that webinar session. If i remember correctly we had close to 500 people on that session and as we got close to the webinar start time, the traffic to the lead pages was turned on and live on the webinar we refreshed the email inbox periodically in between training.

The inbox kept updating with more messages with the subject line "You Have A New High Priority Lead"

Now every lead was a real lead, and every lead had a set price for a real business customer, and so every time that inbox updated with new high priority leads, then revenue was being generated.

Attendees were witnessing money being made in real time on the webinar.

It was REAL Traffic, REAL Leads & REAL revenue being generate and REAL EASY!

One thing that really hit me from that webinar was how powerful locally targeted facebook ads could be, and grasping how important it is to be building retargeting audiences. Which is why having this system now in WordPress gives us some additional major benefits.

Now the good news is that this system isn't going to cost anything close to the original "more customers" system, partly because the Facebook ad training is not included but i can recommend some great courses and tools to help you with that at low cost.

In fact we charged then around $300 just to access the tool with additional costs and upsells BUT don't worry... I have priced this to be affordable so that you can build your own high converting lead generation business or even just use the tool to build a highly targeted and focused email list.

Its Super Easy To Create These Pages Too

Step 1 - Set Up Your Landing Page, Questions & Priority Scoring

Here Is The Landing Page Sequence

Landing Page Home Screen With Checkbox Options

Step 2 Of The Landing Page Sequence

The Questions That You Created & Scored For High Or Low Priority

Step 3 Of The Landing Page Sequence

Submit Name & Email To Get Results
*Note That a High Or Low Priority Email Notification Is Sent To You and Your Clients
*Email Added To Your Autoresponder List (In Next Update For Xtreme Version)

Step 4 Of The Landing Page Sequence

Final Confirmation Page
*Note You Can Redirect To Any URL You Choose (In Next Update For Xtreme Version)

Step 5 - You Get Email Notification Of High Or Low Priority Leads
* This Is Where You Can Generate Revenue Per Lead With Businesses

How You Can Benefit Using Lead Genesis

  • check
    Start or enhance your Lead generation Business
  • check
    ​generate and segment leads in any niche
  • check
    make money in offline and local niches
  • check
    ​use for online marketing too
  • check
    ​separate high priority leads from lower priority
  • check
    ​Charge more for your high priority leads
  • check
    instant email notification for you & your clients
  • check
    ​segment subscribers from any landing page
  • check
    ​autoresponder integration for list building
  • check
    send priority & low priority leads to different lists
  • check
    Intelligently segment lists from retargeting & pPC
  • check
    ​improve your follow up with both type of leads
  • check
    create different funnels depending on lead type
  • check
    ​set your own priority scoring & questions
  • check
    use As Pre-Sell Pages For Promos & CPA Offers
  • check
    create "cambridge analytica" style marketing campaigns with instant segmentation

You Can Even Create Highly Effective Cambridge Analytica Style Marketing Campaigns
(With Xtreme Version)

Without getting into the politics of what political parties that the cambridge analytica data firm worked with, their marketing system was highly effective and at its core was segmenting the audience and knowing how to follow up to each segment effectively with content that resonated with that audience. 

lead genesis has been built out with that in mind and by having the same ability to use in our own non political marketing campaigns we can follow a similar system for higher conversions.

here's exactly what they did that effectively brought surprising results to major elections in america & the uK

  • Build Audience With Surveys or Questionnaires
  • Segment The audience depending on their answers and responses
  • follow up with targeted content and messaging for each audience segment
  • RESULT: Highly Effective & Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Get Exclusive Access With The Xtreme Version Of  Lead Genesis To...


Watch How I Build A Highly Targeted Audience Of 130,000
In Facebook In ONE Day

Watch How I Create A Lookalike Audience To Make 6.1 Million More Targeted Audience

Learn How To Create Lead Magnets Fast

Discover How To Easily Automate Audience Segmentation So That You Follow Up With The Right Emails, Content & Offers

Discover Three Top Quality & Affordable Face​​​​book Ad Optimization Tools To Help You Stay On Budget And Profit

Watch Me Turn Facebook Audiences Into Legitimate Email Opt-ins

Watch How I Follow Up With Each Audience Segment To Deliver Value, Build Trust & Authority

Watch A LIVE Case Study Affiliate Promotion To Win Competition Prize Money

Due To The Nature Of These Strategies This Course Will NEVER Be Available Anywhere Else. You Can Only Access This Training Via Lead Genesis xTreme.

Proven Marketing Campaigns Based On The Cambridge Analytica System

  • Build Massive “Targeted” Facebook Audiences
  • Build Lookalike Audiences To Multiple Your Reach
  • Create Lead Magnets To Fit Your Target Audience
  • Create Low Cost Ad Campaigns
  • Segment The Audience Into Sub Categories
  • Turn Your Audience Into Email Lists
  • Create Multiple Lists From One Landing Page With Lead Genesis
  • Redirect Each Segment Into…
  • Content, Funnels & Offers That They Will Respond To


We Have three price points

Important* Read This Before You Order

Lead Genesis Main Offer

  • Install The Lead Genesis Plugin On 5 Sites And We Will Be Adding A New Landing Page Templates Every Few Days Until We Reach TEN Templates That You Can Access

  • You Will Also Get A 5 Site License For The Brand New RankAttack WordPress Template With Pre-Configuration Done

Lead Genesis 25 Offer

  • Same As Above But With 25 Site License For The Lead Genesis Plugin

Lead Genesis Xtreme

  • angle-double-right
    25 Site Installs
  • angle-double-right
    The Traffic Analytica Course
  • angle-double-right
    4 New Monthly Templates (Up To 24 Templates)
  • angle-double-right
    Autoresponder Integration To Build Your Email Lists
  • angle-double-right
    Integration With A Mass Page Builder (Coming Soon)
  • angle-double-right
    High Converting Full Page Splash Screen Option (Coming Soon)
  • angle-double-right
    Redirect To Any Url After Email Is Submitted (Coming Soon)

Lead Genesis Bonuses

Bonuses should always enhance a product or the strategy that the product is based on and you will see this time and time again with any promotions that i do when I include bonuses.

The following bonuses have been specifically chosen or “crafted” to provide  MAJOR benefits for the Lead Genesis System.

Access Lead Genesis Today and Get All The Bonuses Listed below!

Bonus Expires In...


BONUS # 1 - Get a Public Page RSS Generator Tool (Value $97)



  • Choose Between YouTube or Google Plus RSS Feed Generator Tool
  • Optin Lock Added To Build Your List On Autopilot
  • Integrates With Aweber (More Autoresponder Options Coming Soon)
  • check-square-o
    Generates RSS Feeds From Youtube Or Google Plus
  • check-square-o
    Step By Step SEO Wizard Mashes Multiple RSS Feeds & Posts Into Feedburner and Pings All Links

BONUS # 2 - Get Up To 50 Lead Magnets To Give Away (Value $97)



  • Up To High Quality 50 Lead Magnets To Give Away
  • Main Tool Buyers Get 10 Lead Magnets Suitable For Business Owners
  • Xtreme Version Members Get 50 (20 Delivered Immediately)
  • check-square-o
    Xtreme Version Members Online & Offline Niches
  • check-square-o
    Each Product Appeals To A Big Audience (Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Online marketers, Bloggers, Affiliates, Product Vendors)

The Price of Lead Genesis Will Increase Soon.
Please Check The Options For Each Price Point Below


Lead Genesis Main Offer

  • ​Install On 5 Sites
  • 10 Landing Page Templates
  • Integration ​With Mass Page Builder
  • ​Traffic Analytica Course
  • ​Full Page Splash Screen Options
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • ​5 Site WordPress Template License 

Price will increase to $77

No Monthly Fees

Lead Genesis 25

  • Install On 25 Sites
  • 10 Landing Page Templates
  • Integration ​With Mass Page Builder
  • ​Traffic Analytica Course
  • ​Full Page Splash Screen Options
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • ​5 Site WordPress Template License 

Price will increase to $147

No Monthly Fees

Lead Genesis Xtreme

  • Install On 25 Sites
  • ​New Monthly Templates
  • Integration With Mass Page Builder**
  • ​Traffic Analytica Course**
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Full Page Splash Screen Options**
  • 10 Site WordPress Template License

Price will increase to $297

Then $19 Per Month

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