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In Demand Tool For a Popular Niche Marketing Strategy

RANK on Google in Under 24hrs & Drive Targeted Traffic to ANY Offer using this PROVEN Strategy!

The KGR Keyword Golden Ratio Strategy Automated!

  • Uncover Golden Ratio Keywords that are PROVEN to RANK within 24hrs
  • Perform Advanced searches & use Filters to Find Perfect Keywords to Target
  • Discover PROVEN Keywords in ANY Language & in ANY Niche..Your in full Control
  • Perform Bulk Searches to Uncover 100's & 1000's of Golden Kewords...Then RANK for Each one
  • Additional Training and Tutorials
  • Searches All In Title and All In Url in Bulk
  • Search Unlimited Keywords  With Unlimited Campaigns 
  • Import Keyword Data From Any Keyword Tool in Any Format.
  • Perfect OTO Discovers Keywords That You Can Rank For Using Daily Motion With Bulk Account Creator.
  • Infiltrate & Dominate ANY Niche With These Powerful But Simple To Use Strategy Tools



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Main KGR Keyword Tool


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Daily Motion Keyword Poking Tool With Bulk Account Creator & Unlimited Use Rank Checker


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Bulk Account Creator for 28 Sites With Posting Tools
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Fresh & New, Never Seen Before 'Automated' Keyword Research Tool

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  • $100 TO $14,853 IN LESS THAN A YEAR

Imagine being able to automate a strategy that's been used so effectively that its grown revenue for complete beginners to 5 figures per month.

From today you can!

Every now and then in the SEO world someone comes along with a clever strategy to give advantage to the little guy.
I am talking about something so left field that no one else was doing it, and... since this strategy has been discovered, there has been a clamor for services and tools to get it done for people, but until now it was either hard and laborious, or expensive to get it done for you.

So what am i talking about?

A well known niche marketing specialist called Doug Cunnington created a simple little strategy f that took everyone by surprise and has since grown in popularity, mainly because of the success and numerous case studies of his students.
Doug initially posted how one of his niche sites was earning $100 per month in January, and grew into $14,000 per month by the December at end of the year.


Doug created whats known as the Keyword Golden Ratio strategy which helps you uncover keywords that you can usually rank for in 24 hours and without any backlinks.


Well, there's less competition but there's also less traffic for these keywords.
However, when you can group a bunch of them into one piece of content it allows you to drive traffic immediately while you ca still be targeting more competitive keywords.

But here's the REAL kicker IMHO

One of the biggest ranking factors today is actually user behavior signals and these keywords help to amplify those and in turn catapult your rankings for even more competitive keywords too.
Use behavior signals include interaction, social signals and the really big one is time spent on your content,
This is what can really catapult your traffic as well as getting near instant traffic from ranking for keywords that are low hanging fruit.

New Software Makes It Even Easier...

There's a new tool released today called KGR Keyword Tool that helps to take the laborious process out of the strategy.
This tool not only does that 'Data Driven Calculation' for the keywords, but it also bulk checks the 'all in title' count which is what had to be done manually until now.

Here's What This Software Will Do For You...

* Uncover Golden Ratio Keywords that are PROVEN to RANK within 24hrs
* Perform Advanced searches & use Filters to Find Perfect Keywords to Target
* Search for PROVEN Keywords in ANY Language & in ANY Niche..Your in full Control
* Perform Bulk Searches to Uncover 100's & 1000's of Golden Keywords...Then RANK for Each one
* PLUS So Much More...

The tool works with unlimited keywords, unlimited projects and campaigns and is a one time cost, but only during this launch period.

You can grab this now and start driving traffic to your content with confidence for a small cost today!
However, the price will be increasing, its best to grab it now!

Anthony Hayes

Hi, Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.
As you can see from the sidebar under Premium Products section, I have created a lot of software tools for SEO and Traffic with unique strategies which we have automated and made simple to use.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your campaigns... BUT I always advocate and teach that quality content comes first, followed by adding your marketing elements to convert your traffic before you start any traffic generation.

Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped thousands of marketers and built a hard core following.

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