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In Demand Tool For Ranking Videos on YouTube & Google

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Automated YouTube Algorithm Hacks  With Built In Ranking Factors That Work


  • Get More Views On YouTube
  • SEO That Works For YouTube Search Rankings
  • Get More Power With Playlist Video Views
  • Additional Training and Tutorials In Member Area Plus Strategy training With Webinars
  • Stupid Simple Video SEO That Works To Rank On Google & YouTube In 2021
  • Up To Date 2021 YouTube Algorithm Hacks Built In
  • Suggested Video Optimization Algorithm Ranking Factors For 2x More Traffic
  • EASILY Target More Keywords and Angles With Playlist Views
  • Congruent Funnel With Extra 'In-Software' OTO's Features
  • Infiltrate ANY Niche With This Powerful But Simple To Use YouTube Algorithm Strategy & Modern YouTube SEO  2021 Training



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  • GET MORE VIEWS ON YOUTUBE Playlist Edition
  • Price - $17- $27.00 DIMESALE
  • GET MORE VIEWS ON YOUTUBE With Video Views From Playlists
  • Genius Strategy To Take Advantage Of YouTube FIVE YouTube Algorithm Hacks


  • CTR Playlist Video Viewer (Search & Click with End Screen Video Viewer)
  • Price - $17 - $27.00 DIMESALE
  • More Keyword Tools Added Including Hashtags & Top Videos Research Tool
  • Google Video and YouTube Search Engines, Watches First Video In Playlist


  • Bulk Playlist Views (All Videos In Playlist)
  • Price - $17 - $27.00 DIMESALE
  • Increase Session Time For Your Channel & Trigger Suggested Video Algorithm For Your Videos. Strategy Training With Webinar Included


  • Bulk Playlist Views (SELECTED Videos In Playlist)
  • Price - $17 - $27.00 DIMESALE
  • Increase Session Time For Your Channel & Trigger Suggested Video Algorithm For Your Videos. Strategy Training With Webinar Included
  • 3 Algorithm Hacks Built In
  • Session Time, Channel Watch Time and Video Watch Time
  • Increase Video Views & Feed The YouTube Suggested Video Algorithm


  • Vid Curate Alpha LITE
  • Price - $67.00 - $77.00
  • The Most Powerful Playlist Builder Ever Built. NOTHING Comes Close
  • Powerful Playlist Optimization Tools Built In
  • Tear Apart Any Niche on YouTube In Minutes With Built In Strategies

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Get More Views On YouTube (5 Algorithm Hacks In 1 Tool)

Automated Software Hacks 5 YouTube Algorithms (Get More Views)


Did you know that YouTube has multiple algorithms and each algorithm has various triggers for each?

For example there are algorithms based on video watch time, channel session time, retention of video watched, time spent on YouTube.

In fact, the main goal of YouTube is to keep people on as long as possible so that they have positive data to use in their marketing to sell their advertising. 

YouTube Optimization has changed and its no longer just about rankings.

The suggested, recommended and 'Up Next' algorithms are driving up to 3x more views than YouTube search these days according to top YouTubers.

The cool thing is that YouTube does not try to hide what the algorithms are, and that allows us to get creative on how to hack into those for better results and get more views on YouTube.

Tony Hayes has created a genius strategy that actually works and automated it with a one minute campaign setup

The best part is this automated system taps into FIVE YouTube algorithm hacks, combined with modern YouTube SEO ranking strategies that actually work and move the needle n 2021

  • Algorithm Hack #1 Increase Video Watch Time
  • Algorithm Hack #2 Increase Video Retention Time (percentage of video watched)
  • Algorithm Hack #3 Increase Session Watch Time (time spent on
  • Algorithm Hack #4 Increase Channel Watch Time
  • Algorithm Hack #5 Stupid Simple On Page SEO That Moves The Needle (5 Minute Optimization)

The Software Features Include

  • Bulk Videos Views (Automated, Needs Proxies To View From Different IPs)
  • Software Watches First Video In Playlists
  • Unlimited Campaigns and Views
  • Just Add Your Playlist URL 
  • Choose Video Watch Time By Percentage Of Video
  • Watch At Up To 2X The Speed
  • Watches End Screen Videos For Extra Channel Session Time (Optional)
  • Campaign Set Up In Under ONE Minute
  • Works With Proxies & Captchas
  • Scheduling and Delays Between Views Options
  • Never Buy YouTube Views Again


There's some quality training too

There will be 2 webinars for customers.

One for core best practices strategy and FAQ and one for a YouTube SEO strategy never revealed before..

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Anthony Hayes

Hi, Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your rankings and drive traffic today.
Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped tens of thousands of marketers just like you.

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