Elementor 21 Step Sales Page Template (CLONE)

Step 1 – Call Out To Your Audience

Address your target audience (Attention: insert your audience here) at the top of your sales letter.  

This lets the reader know immediately they are on the right page, so essentially this is your first YES,  and you want to get your reader to say YES, mentally, as many times as possible.

Attention: Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Founders, Learn…

Step 2 – Get their attention

Grab the attention of your reader with a great headline that speaks directly to them.  E.G. 

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days Quickly And Easily


Step 3 – Backup the big promise headline with a quick explanation (sub-headline).

The sub headline gives the main headline more support E.G. 

Lose Weight Without Giving Up The Foods You Love

Finally, You’ll Create Irresistible Cash Grabbing Offers in 48 Hours or Less Without Writing
a Single Word Guaranteed or I’ll Give
You My Entire System FREE!

$400,000,000 Master Copywriter Perry Belcher Reveals His Secret F.I.B.S. “Fill In The Blanks System” for Creating Multi-Million
Dollar Offers For The First 
Time Ever  Live & In Person in 
Las Vegas June 12th & 13th

Elementor 21 Step Sales Page Template (CLONE) 1

Dear Friend,

Imagine, sitting down with a few laminated worksheets and a few dozen numbered cards.

Viola, you emerge a few hours later with a brilliant piece of sales copy and a compelling offer. A monster that would rival that of any master copywriter.

Imagine, getting into the heads of your prospects on a chemical level, explaining your products and services in a crisp, direct and easy to understand way.

…and paint a clear picture of the HUGE value you create in the lives of your clients.

Now Imagine the pride of literally conjuring cash out of thin air, creating compelling messages and offers.

See them literally sucking the cash out of your list, your visitors and even quadrupling your ad spends ROI.

Better still, imagine, never being ripped-off  by high priced B.S. copywriters ever again, never stressing over a blank sheet of paper or being held hostage by a 3rd rank employee because you NEED a copywriter…

Step 4 – Identify the problem.

Identify the audience (who they are, how they feel) or tell a story about a problem, a struggle, or a challenge you might have had in the past.

I Have a Dirty
Confession To Make

Hi, My name is Perry Belcher.

I’m the co-founder of DigitalMarketer.com, and a so-called master copywriter and offer creator who’s offers have drummed up over $400,000,000 in sales.

My offers have sold everything from trainings at DM to printing services, industrial equipment, health supplements and even hot dog carts…

…all following a simple fill in the blanks system.

I’m known in the industry as a legend.

Truth is, I ain’t really that good.

While other writers and friends like Clayton Makepeace,  John Carlton, Dan Kennedy and the late Gary Halbert are and where true masters, I am a hack.

That’s the big secret here, If you’re NOT a genius you can still perform like one.

That’s what successful hacks like me know and that’s what we do that you likely don’t.

I take what I’ve learned about human behavior and psychology, do a little 3 step research on the product and the market and then I simply fill-in-the-blanks as easy as 1,2,3.

Seriously, $400M from that one simple skill.

If copy has been a huge challenge for you, know this, It’s not your fault.

There is so much B.S. information out there, so many out dated books and so many crooked scammy providers you never had a chance.

and…people like me who have DO have winning systems would likely NEVER share them with you.

I was right where you are now and here’s what I did…

I had No Choice. Death or Offers

When I started writing copy and creating offers I was an overdrawn, frazzled and dead broke ecommerce business failure.

I had not one but two brand new babies, three teenagers under roof and a now ex-wife who was as mean as a rattle snake.

At least once a month I considered taking my own life.

All I ever wanted was to be a success in business and I was failing, bad.

It sucked.

I sucked.

…and my dream of being a big shot business man was just that a dream.

That’s when I met the “Chemist” a real life chemist turned copywriter.

He had created a 10 step formula of mostly “lifting” other writers offers and dropping the steps into a sequence template that worked an astounding 80% of the time.

The whole process took just a few hours.

He didn’t have any idea why these offers worked and I sure as hell didn’t, the point was, they did… and the system was scalable.

Over the next two years, around the birth of internet marketing in the late 90’s I created over 100 offers following this simple formula.

Some were winners and many were losers, surprisingly, in less than a year I became a millionaire.

Over the next few years, I started studying the “why” behind the chemists system and expanded on it, ultimately creating the 21 step formula I use today…

I was banking MILLIONS.

Step 5 – Provide the solution

Reveal the solution to them, which is your product and explain why it’s the best option out there.  remember there are lots of other people who have similar products so ask yourself how you can stand out from everyone else.

You CAN Sell Too Much

Then in a single day it was all gone.

I was growing so quickly and sloppily.

Starting new businesses almost monthly.

Seemed I couldn’t lose.

During that time I had started a dietary supplement company that certainly didn’t cross it’s t’s and dot it’s i’s, something vitally required in that business.

As with many in that industry I learned a bitter lesson of government regulation and in turn lost 100% of everything I had on earth, and was left with $3M in debt and almost lost my freedom in the process…

I was screwed.

…but I still had the system.

Step 6 – Show pain of and cost of development

Let your audience know the pain and cost you and others went through to develop the solution to the problem. Establish empathy and affinity with your audience.

Offers Have Saved My
Life More Than Once

I eventually settled with the government and gave them everything, paid off the debt without filing bankruptcy and set out to rebuild my life.

This is the time that I really honed the system, every step.

Over the following 10 years till today I credit the F.I.B.S. system for nearly 100% of my success.

It keeps me high in demand with partners like Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier.

It makes me a desirable speaker at conferences worldwide.

It allows me to create cash on demand to buy a new house, car, boat or take dream vacations at will.

and…It gives me the confidence to take crazy risks in business because I know for a fact if I lost EVERYTHING today I would still have the system and be back on top in less than a year.

Step 7 – Explain ease-of-use

Let your readers know just how easy it is to your your product or service.

Want My System?

I’m sure that by now you want my system, hell you would be real dumb if you didn’t.

I’m also sure you have doubts… “I hate writing”, “I’m a lousy writer”,

“I don’t have time to do all this stuff”.

I hear you and I had the same concerns.

Truth is, you can’t be any worse than me.

My writing is barely legible.

I can’t spell shit with a mouth full and I didn’t even graduate from high school.

…as far as your time goes thats just a lie you are telling your self.

There is NO greater skill you can acquire and no higher use of your time than consistently creating kick ass, money sucking offers that grow your business and fatten up your bank account.

That’s a fact and you know it.

Let’s not B.S. one another.

Step 8 – Show speed to results

Give your readers a typical timeframe in which to expect their desired outcome.

I Have an Offer To Make You

If you will agree to give me your undivided attention for just 48 hours I’ll turn you in to an offer creation machine.

Your results will rival the masters.


You will know the priceless confidence that I have of knowing, whatever crap I get my self into, I can create an offer to get me out of it and then some.

Look, you already know that any business person who can create their own offers and write their own copy has a HUGE advantage over their competitors.

You probably also know that really good copy writers typically can’t be hired at any price, the good ones are growing their own businesses.

What you may NOT know is… that there is a secret, a system of templates and processes that can make the entire offer creation craft 100% automated.

Introducing The F.I.B.S. Fill In the Blanks Offer Creation System

There is nothing else like it on earth.

It’s taken me 20+ years of trial and error, mostly error, to create this system that is the only one of it’s kind.

Not only is the system proven with over $400,000,000 of my own personal sales under it’s belt, part of the system has been used by my private clients to create many times that in revenue.

Moreover Digital Marketer has spent MILLIONS in split tests and marketing experiments to prove it’s elements.

This is the greatest copywriting system on earth.

…and it’s easy, even fun to use.

The entire process is mapped on a dozen laminated, dry erase F.I.B.S. exercise sheets I’ll provide you at the event.

You’ll also get use my curated trigger word and phrase guide, also provided with a box of story boarding cards and you’ll be ready to start.

This is a kindergarten simple, tactile process.

I provide you with a few tools, suggest editing software that makes the process work 400-500% better (Just $20) and and editing system and checklists that make your offers flow, punchy and impossible to stop reading.

The entire process usually takes me just a few hours to create an offer like this one and a few hours to edit the next day.

Yep, this offer is created with F.I.B.S., and you’re still reading.

One day of writing and one day of editing and I’m making money just like you will the day after you attend this Mastery Workshop.

Below this letter is the SYNTAX of the workshop.

You’ll notice I spend a lot of time explain the how, the dark psychology and the human behavior rules that govern the process.

This will be critical to you going from 80% effectiveness to 95% and beyond and it will only take a few hours for you to grasp, although it’s taken me near 30 years of reading, studying and filtering between what’s BS and what’s real.

You get to skip all that.

Step 9 – Future cast

Let the reader imagine what their future could be like if they were to solve their problem.  in your writing use as many of the senses as possible E.G.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could enjoy shopping for clothes that were two sizes smaller, how would that feel inside.  You look in the mirror and you feel amazing.  Your friends all tell you how great you look, how would that feel? And even better, you could walk past the bakers with all the wonderful smell of fresh doughnuts and cookies and not even think twice about entering.

Now You Have a Big Chance To Change Your Business Life

Listen, if you don’t get how important this skill is then don’t come to the workshop.

Keep shlepping away in the same manner you have been, maybe you’ll get a different result 🙂

I said earlier and I’ll say again.

Offer creation is the most valuable skill on earth.

All sales are based of offers, businesses are a collection of offers, partnerships, deals and relationships are all based on offers, and if the other guy’s offer is better than yours, guess what 🙁

As you can see below this is a fast-paced, deep dive workshop that not only gives you the steps to successfully creating winning offers, but detailed insight into the psychology and steps inside the steps that really matter…

So by now unless you’re really braindead you want this system, especially when you look at the alternatives:

Step 10 – Show your credentials

Establish your credibility and demonstrate your expertise.

The Alternatives to F.I.B.S. Suck!

Hiring bozo copywriters who might as well rub turds on a page for thousands of dollars.

Try to train an un-motivated employee to write copy and create the offers your livelihood depends on.

If they suck, you lose time and money and if by some stretch they are mildly successful they will likely hold you hostage for crazy money, go to work for your competition or worst of all BECOME your direct competitor, (ask me how I know)

Burn 20 years like I did reading everything in print on human behavior, copywriting, brain chemistry, advertising.

Next you could write 500+ offers and see what works and eliminate what doesn’t like I’ve done.

…or do NOTHING and get the same results you’re getting right now…

Come on…

This is a no brainer.

Let’s Recap…

So far you’ve discovered the power of creating your own offers, you’ve discovered that there’s a “secret” system that you can use to accomplish predictable winning results.

You don’t have to depend on shitty employee or crooked self proclaimed copywriters to sell your products.

Imagine, the freedom and confidence you’ll have knowing you can create winning offers on demand.

Imagine, never being dependent again.

…and imaging the POWER you’ll command in deals, partnerships and relationships.

Soon things will be very different, you’ll…

Create killer “whiteboard” headlines and leads in minutes so you can grab instant attention from your readers

Discover 52 ways to describe any widget to make almost any product more interesting

Knock out 3000-5000 word sales letters in a single day “I use a voice to text” and never type a word until I edit.

Learn 5 monster closing formulas so you can seal the deal TODAY and collect the money.

Transfer your new found copywriting skills to facebook ads, emails, landing pages, webinars, direct mail letters and postcards, phone scripts and more.

It ALL works everywhere.

Let me ask you this…

Will you make a LOT more money in the next 12 months after learning how to use this system and creating your own offers…

Do you have products or services to sell?

Are you reasonably intelligent?

Does your business need offers, scripts and emails?

Are you good at online research?

Can you answer 21 questions speaking into a microphone?

Would you like to work less and make more?

I will assume your answers are the same as mine…

Then You Have 2 Clear Choices

1. Keep doing things the way you have been and remain frustrated, held hostage and simply get use to stagnant growth…


2. Attend the F.I.B.S. workshop and start creating your own offers, sell up to 10X more products & services and never worry about sales ever again.

I would like to personally invite you to the FIBS Offer Creation Workshop June 12 & 13 at the Green Vally Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

This entire workshop will be taught entirely by myself and my Digital Marketer Partner and Master Funnel Hacker Roland Frasier, there will be NO outside speakers and nothing will be sold.

Step 11 – Detail the benefits

Use bullet points to list the benefits of your product or service.

Remember that benefits are not the same as features, people want to buy an outcome not a product or service.  So think about this when you’re writing the benefits e.g.

They’re not buying a weight loss product they’re buying a sexy body

This is going to be the greatest offer creation workshop EVER, attend and you’ll discover…

Why copywriting and offer creation is the most valuable skill on earth (I make up to $50K and hour from my writing time)

The 6 layer “Hack Saw” editing system that makes your copy flow fast and grab the readers throats, even if you SUCK as a writer.

The “5 Cult Laws” that explain 95% of all human behavior and persuasion that govern the entire F.I.B.S. process.

How to use words to activate the “Caveman Brain” in every prospects head

How to trigger the “4 big brain chemicals” that drive every decision we make. Can you name them?

How to use the “Scale Method” to price your products against the desired outcome for up to 3X profits.

Attack the 55 primary reasons people buy (number 2, 5 and 7 drive over 80% of all sales)

The 22 reasons people DON’T buy your goods and services (and price is #18)

How and when to master “Micro-commitments” in the sale process that make your calls to action up to 400% more effective. (Have you found them in this letter?)

How to leverage “B.U.D.A.s” in your headlines and sub- headlines to grab the attention of 3X more readers.

“Why Steak Knives Sell Bank Accounts” and the psychology of premiums in your offers for 5X conversions.

How, when and what kind of images to use in your offers to drive home the most sales.

Decorating your offers with Bold, ItalicsUnderlined and ALL CAPS text. What goes where? (Can you guess what decoration makes action verbs hotter?)

Using the “Yellow, Blue & Green” method of spying on your competitors offers to pick off the gold and leave the dead weight behind.

Using Google to create the perfect AVATAR to write to, even giving them a face and a name. (In the survival business our guy is Bud, you’ll meet him)

How to create a mission, a keystone statement and position via our Dry Erase (Value Curve Chart) and tone for your offer before you write a single word.

The “Secret $20 Writing Tool” (software) that corrects a HUGE mistake that made one of our Warroom members over $1 Billion Dollars in sales. 

The “Hands Free” editing tool (FREE) that beats having a TEAM of english majors at your fingertips. <- This is Ninja

The K.I.S.S. test I use to create an offer skeleton before filling it in with dictated conversational copy.

Create of throat grabbing headlines and stand alone sub- headlines ALL based on 72 proven headline formulas that never fail.

How to “Vaccinate” your prospects from objections way before you ever ask them to buy.

The Two Secret Upsells to ANY offer that always out perform what 90% of would be offer creators guess.

How to write intriguing blind bullet points (like these) that drive prospects CRAZY with curiosity so the HAVE to buy, just like you are about to 🙂 (Just kidding, sort of)

The 4 OTHER forms of social proof that are almost ALWAYS more powerful than testimonials (Can you guess one?)

How to “Value Stack” your offers before revealing your price to make it seem plain stupid to not accept your offer.

How to “Bonus Stack” after your price reveal to create the DOUBLE whammy of value and salivate the greed gland of your prospects.

The “TRIPLE guarantee” that makes any prospects feeling of risk melt away all while protecting you against frivolous refunds and chargebacks.

“Upside Down Scarcity” The method of injecting REAL scarcity in every offer, its’ NOT closing, it’s NOT taking away bonuses, and it’s NOT raising the price. (Genius Dan Kennedy taught me this one)

How to use P.S.’s and P.P.S.’s to lock down offer scanners before they can get away.

Even more in editing like the IOU test, CUB review and real person read backs.

Plus we will talk hacks like, exit pops, VSL variations, webinars, video scripts, email clipping and a hell of a lot more.

It Only Happens Every 5 Years

I have only taught this stuff one time before in 2013 and I was way dumber then.

Even so I called it the Secret Selling System and charged $5000 a head for 100 people to attend and went on to sell over $2,000,000 in recordings using guess what?

Yep, a F.I.B.S. offer

This time I am really upping the game and I will have an audience of 200, half will be members of our Warroom Mastermind who pay us $30,000 per year.

The balance of the tickets will be offered at the same $5000 price point.

Special Early Bird Pricing

However, If you are reading this letter during the early bird release I will make 50 seats available for 60% off or just $1997.

What’s more I will allow you to bring a spouse or business partner for just an additional $997.

Click here to reserve your seat now.

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Step 12 – Get social proof

Use outside authority or third party validation (example: research statistics, quotes from credible or authoritative sources,  case studies, etc.)

Almost $3000 in Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 Laminated, reusable, F.I.B.S. Work Sheets, and Headline Templates – Value $297

  • Bonus #2 My personally curated trigger word and phrase guide, spiral bound and at the ready. I use this every day – Value $197

  • Bonus #3 My laminated 3 level copy editing checklists, yellow, blue and green so your editing becomes formulaic and automatic – Value $97

  • Bonus #4 Event Video Recordings – Attendees will receive recording of this live event within 30 days of its completion both video and audio – Value $997

  • Bonus #5 Follow-Up Calls – For the 4 weeks following the event I’ll hold weekly open mic Q&A Calls so that no question you might have will be left un answered – Value $497

  • Bonus #6 Copy Review – My staff and I will personally review and discuss with you the first F.I.B.S. offer you create. We record these with GoToWebinar so you can review later – Value $997

Step 13 – Make your offer

Tell them exactly what they are getting for the price of your product or service.

My Now Famous
Triple Guarantee

  • Guarantee #1: I personally GUARANTEE that the F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Mastery will be the best offer creation or copywriting seminar you’ll ever attend or I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price on the spot, no questions asked.

  • Guarantee #2: Additionally, Create ANY offer following the specific F.I.B.S. formula, show your work, and if you can’t make money with it I’ll BUY your finished copy for 2X your cost of admission.

  • Guarantee #3: Lastly, Create your offer, if it doesn’t work I’ll personally work on it with you and if I can’t make it work I’ll BUY your finished copy for 2X your cost of admission PLUS donate $1000 to your favorite charity under your name.

    How is that for putting your money where your mouth is?

Step 14 – Add bonuses

Adding bonuses will often increase the perceived value of your product or service, but don’t go overboard with lots of bonuses and make sure your bonuses are worth the same as the cost of your program or higher.

You Had Better
Get Off Your Ass…

This stupid good offer that Roland HATES (he likes money) only leaves as few as 25 chances to get in at this price.

… but when the discount seats are gone they are gone.

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Look I haven’t done this in 5 years and if you know how I live I might be dead in another 5 🙂 you better get in while the gettin’s good.

I hope you’ll come join us in Las Vegas

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Step 15 – Build up your value

Build up the value of your offer. Tell them how much everything is worth.

Best Wishes,
Perry Belcher

P.S. WARNING: If you wait, you’re screwed.

Think about how much money you LOSE every week by not having better offers or any offers for that matter.

Hell, use FIBS to create offers for affiliate products if you don’t have any (I do)

My WORST offers make $10K-$100K each and those are my turds, I also have some that have sold and continue to sell millions.

Step 16 – Reveal your price (pop by button)

Add the prices of your product and bonuses together to calculate value, then reveal price that’s much cheaper. Explain why the price is what it is and why it is such a great value.

Click Here To Reserve Your Seat Now!

Step 17 – Inject scarcity (if any)

Offers that don’t have scarcity don’t sell as well, but it needs to be genuine or you will hurt your business credibility. (example: change the price, limited time, take away a bonus,  ie. bonuses only available at the end of this call, webinar, XX # of  days long product launch, etc.)

The investment to attend the workshop is peanuts compared to the reward.

Click here to reserve your seat now.

P.P.S. REMEMBER: I’ve used the F.I.B.S. system to create over $400,000,000 worth of offers, it’s as simple as 1-2-3, and the investment is a rounding error.

The best part is you get to hang out with Roland and I for a few days.

We might even grab a beer.

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Q. Will you be selling the recordings?
A: Maybe. We are recording for the Warroom and live Attendees. Last time we didn’t sell them to the public for a year.

Q: Are their other dates an locations available ?
A: No, we are booked in Las Vegas June 12 & 13th, that’s it.

Q. Can I bring or send an employee ?
A. No, unless they have equity and you shouldn’t . These skills are wicked valuable, you should learn this first, then teach them from the recordings.

Q. Are there other speakers?
A: Nope just Roland and I and we are a hand full.

Q. What else are you selling at the event?
A. Nothing, zero, zilch, nada. You can apply for Warroom but we have a waiting list. That’s it!

This is your last chance:

Click here to reserve your seat now

Click Here To Reserve Your Seat Now!

Step 18 – Give guarantee

Remove, eliminate, reverse, take out perceived risks. Longer guarantee = less returns.  Your buyer wants peace of mind in a skeptical world e.g. 60 Days Risk Free


Below see the SYNTAX for the event (NOTE: Sessions are subject to change)

DAY 1 

Why Offers Matter

Everything Starts With an Offer

Most Valuable Skill In The World
How Offers Build Companies
How Offers Build Products
How Offers Sell Books
How Offers Make Deals
How Offers Build Relationships

The Concept of This Workshop

Learn The Hard Way – Fast
30 Years of Experience in 2 Days
My Usable “Fake It Till Yo Make It” Formula
You’ll Leave with a 2 Day Framework

Step 19 – Call to action

The call to action is a command. Be specific and tell them exactly what to do. Use visuals, screenshots, and other tools to guide them to do the next steps until completed.

Phase 1: Understanding Human Buying Behavior

The Five “Cult Laws” that drive sales- Day One 30 Minutes

Supporting Peoples Dreams
Setting Aside Peoples Fear
Justify Peoples Previous Failures
Confirm Peoples Suspicions
Cast Stones at Peoples Enemies

Buying Behavior – Day One 60 Minutes

The “Three Brains” we use to buy
Activating Buying Brain Chemicals
The Scale Effect of EVERY Purchase
72 Reasons People Buy
22 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy
Gaining Micro-Commitments
Leveraging B.U.D.A.’s for Authority
Using Premiums to 4X Your Conversions

Step 20 – Give a warning

Warn them against the consequence or what’s going to happen if they don’t buy.  ( If you don’t take action now, you will be in the same boat as last year, with the same if not more amount of debt, lost profits, living out of your car, etc. )

Phase 2: Critical Research

5 Big Questions – Day One 60 Minutes

What is The Mission of Our Offer
Who EXACTLY is our Market Avatar
What Do Secretly Value (Dreams & Fears)
What is our USP or Unique Selling Position
What is the “Keystone Statement” that Sums up our USP
What is our Position in the Market
What is the Tone of our message (Positive/Negative)

Competitive Research – Day One 30 Minutes

My Three Color Print & Highlight Excercise Completing The Differentiating Value Chart

Planning – Day One 30 Minutes

Building Your Vocabulary List (LSI)
Building Your Questions List
Staging The Tone of Your Transitions


Writers Tools – Day One 60 Minutes

Editing Apps

  • How 4th Grade Reading Level 4X $1B in Sales

  • How to Sever Sentences for Better Digestion

  • The 3 Line Paragraph Rule

  • How to “Coffee Shop Talk” To One

  • The Magic of Single Syllable Words

  • Leading With Strong Action Verbs

  • Ditching Passive Voice

Voice Editing

Read back 3X live editing (Natural Voices)

Trigger Word Guide (Provided)

How to use my 20 year trigger word directory

Story Card Box & StoryCards

How To Storyboard Your Offers in 30 Minutes FLAT!

Step 21 – Close with a reminder

Recap the whole offer and remind them what they are getting. Summarize the problem, the solution, the offer, the guarantee, and the benefits and consequences they will be experiencing.

Then….. After You’re All Finished Reviewing Your Presentation, Ask yourself these questions outloud:

Did you grab your readers by the throat with your headline?

Did you clearly explain that you understand their problem?

Did you show them so much proof that they can’t possibly doubt what you had to say?

Did you show features and benefits to your offer that included the word ‘so’ in each line?

Did you ensure your prospects that your product will be very very easy to use?

Did you ensure to your prospects that your product would work very quickly to solve the problem?

Did you clearly explain the pain of the experience by not accepting your offer?

Did you demonstrate incredible value in your offer so much so that your prospect would feel stupid by not buying your product?

Did you Give Them A Reason To Buy, Right Now????

Phase 3: The Offer Formula

Now we start writing or dictating

Things to Remember Sequence Matters – Day One 30 Minutes

The K.I.S.S. Scanning System
Speed – Don’t Skip Steps in the Journey
Gaining Time Commitments
Gaining Micro-commitments
The Sub-Headline Skeleton

—— Start Writing ——

Promise – Day One 60 Minutes

Call Out To Your Audience
Using Grabbers Get The Prospect’s Attention
Promise The Dream (The Main Headline)
Back It Up & Name The Enemy (Deck Copy)
Choose a Supportive Outcome Image

Intro – Day One 60 Minutes

The Cold Three Question
Open Imagine or Pain
Remind Them Not Their Fault

Your Hero Story Arc

Things Were Normal
Inciting Incident
Aid of a Friend
Ups and Downs
Impossible Tragedy
Solution Release
Better Than Ever

Earned Authority

Celebrity Association
Publicity Awards

Commitment – Day One 30 Minutes

Inoculate Against Known Objections
Give Hope Via Future Casting
Dangle The Last Step (The Easy Button)


Your Solution – Day Two 90 Minutes

Clearly Define Their Desired Outcome (Better be Right)
What They Don’t Want You To Know (Hidden Secret)
Might Know, Probably Know, Don’t Know

Name The Solution (i.e. F.I.B.S)
Explain The Pain to Create
Stress The Ease of Use
Demonstrate The Speed of Results

How It Works – Day Two 30 Minutes

Explain The “What” Step-by-Step (Not the How)
Good but Incomplete
Give Context To The Importance of the Solution
Help Them See The Vision
Show SOME of the Steps-Within Steps

Pre-Close – Day Two 60 Minutes

Sell The Idea (not the product)
Eliminate ALL Other Solutions
Create Benefits “SO” Bullets
Show 3rd Party Social Proof
Ask For Commitment to the Mission

Transition – Day Two 30 Minutes

60 Second Recap: All They Have Learned
Future cast more
“Imagine” emotional benefits
Ask 6 “Yes” Questions
The AMAZING Two Choices
Transition to Close

Offer – Day Two 90 Minutes

Explain Your Offer in 200 Words
Tease with Blind Bullets
Build Value With Price Comparisons
Price Then Reduce 2-3 times with a Reason
Stack Bonuses to Drive Value

Close – Day Two 90 Minutes

Make your Clear GAIN CTA #1
Offer a CRAZY Guarantee (like the Triple)
Inject Scarcity with Monetary FOMO

Make Your Clear LOGIC CTA #2
Warning PS – Remind them what happens if they DON’T Buy
Recap PS – Recap the offer in one paragraph.
Benefits, Results, Value, Guarantee & Scarcity

Make Your Clear FEAR CTA #3
Objections as FAQ’s
Make 3 More CTA’s 4-6 After Each 2-3 FAQS

Phase 4: Profitable Copy Editing

Editing Exercises – Day Two 90 Minutes

Use Stronger Verbs Eliminate Passive Language
Cut Boring & Redundant Text
Assure Readability Score of 4th Grade or Below
Voice Test 3X With Live Edit
Perform the Stand Alone Scan Test
Run The I.O.U. Test
Hold a C.U.B. Review
Create Image Captions
Underline, Bold, Italics & Caps Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Ok, I can’t tell you anymore until we are in the room together. Will you join us?

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