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White-list in Gmail.

Check Your Email Inbox

1. Open an email from the sender that you want to whitelist.
2. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “reply.”
3. Click Add [wlemail] to contacts list to finish.

White-list in Yahoo.

Open the Confirmation Email

1. Open the email message from the sender you want to add to your address book.
2. Click Add to contacts next to [wlemail].
3. On the Add Contact popup, add additional information if needed.
4. Click Save to finish.

White-list in Outlook.

Click on the Confirmation Link

1. Click the Home tab.
2. Click Junk.
3. Click Junk E-mail Options.
4. Click Safe Senders.
5. Click Add.
6. Enter [wlemail] and additional information if you wish.
7. Click OK to finish.

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