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What Customers are Saying About Alpha Sentai...

All I can say is Wow! Anthony you are a genius with these awesome tools. If you are serious about your online presence or even just an internet marketer you cannot go past the Alpha tools. I have purchased two of the tools so far to put in my online marketing chest and they work flawlessly, plus I love the way Tony always updates the tools and ads new features all the time. I can tell you are dedicated to the alpha arsenal, and your customers just by the professionalism of all the Alpha tools and the support you give them, love your tools and your support, keep up the great work Guys and I will definitely be back to see your next latest and greatest Alpha tools.
Wayne CosgroveCustomer
All i can say is WOW i have known Tony from when he began Developing softwares and believe me when i say, when he Launches one I never miss Out, i know its cutting edge..When I see a new product come out from Tony I know its going to be an entirely a different Animal Completely! I Mean to say Traffic is what its all about in the end, no matter how Great the Content, or how optimised Your site, no traffic still Equals No Money and Tony's Alpha Sentai membership is the be all and end all Solution for Traffic & Rankings on demand and often on 100% Autopilot! The low monthly cost is a steal for so many great tools as well as multi media press releases and a quality PBN management system.
Gary AffronSEO Product & Software Vendor
As a developer of products myself, I understand the beauty of a product that 1. Is designed for the user 2. Has a great a great support system and 3. Actually does what it supposed to do. Alpha Sentai gets a Passing grade on all three points. Tony and his team have been working tirelessly on this and the Skype group is so active at times it sounds like a machine gun. We all need Rankings and TRAFFIC. The Alpha Sentai SEO collection of quality tools and products definitely gets an A+ from me on Quality, Value, The massive variety of tools to fast track and automate and can't believe its available at this Price . I develop tools and I love this package and membership for anyone who wants to get more Traffic for less cost.
Patrick TuttleCustomer & Product Developer

So, What EXACTLY Does Alpha Sentai Allow You To Do?

Boost Your Growth
Powerful Syndication Tools
A wide range of automated syndication made easy with one click bulk account creators which you can use for branded accounts and profiles for yourself or your clients for time saving Social & Video syndication!
Powerful Baclinking Automation
We have built in flexibility into our tools from a full blown PBN management system, multi media press releases, social syndication with drag and drop wizards for working with IFTTT and of course our video and bookmarking syndication tools!
Powerful Backlinking Tools
Get Targeted Traffic On Demand
Automated Traffic Strategies Built In
Automation is the key to building any business today and we have a ton of powerful traffic strategies built in to our tools from live streaming videos to YouTube, Facebook & Daily Motion to hands free content syndication through 18 high traffic sites with push button simplicity.

Gain An Unfair Advantage On Your Competition While Saving On Time As Well As Ongoing Monthly Marketing Costs!

This Is a Great Place for a Pattern Break Title or Headline That Makes Them Stop Scrolling and Pay Attention

Marketing tools can quickly get very expensive when you take a monthly recurring cost for tools that do one job and others tools to do other jobs. With Alpha Sentai membership you have access to a full collection of Traffic, backlinking and syndication tools for one low monthly cost!

Powerful Desktop Automation Tools

Automation is a key factor in everything we do online for marketing and getting traffic, if you're not using automation then you are being left behind.
However, automation doesn't always have to mean blackhat and i have designed these tools to be flexible for businesses, bloggers, affiliates, agencies and video marketers.
If used correctly these tools will speed up your marketing and build in a variety of traffic strategies that you can implement quickly allowing you to focus more on the quality of your content, offers and increase your conversions.

Get Results Faster

Effective online marketing today comes down to automation to save time and money but also by having flexibility in your marketing and traffic strategies. Alpha Sentai gives you the variety, power and the edge to get the traffic and growth you need faster.

Lets Take A Closer Look At Just SOME Of The Tools You Get With Your Alpha Sentai Membership


Social syndication with Drag & Drop IFTTT sequences and instant backlinking & indexing. it even has an account creator for sites with one click activation inside IFTTT itself to create effortless set & forget traffic campaigns.


The most powerful video ranking and syndication tool since Traffic Geyser, again with one click account creation and easy posting with checkbox easy SEO strategies built in for maximum power without needing to know SEO


Live streaming Pre-Recorded videos into Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events & Daily Motion can drive highly targeted traffic, and its super easy to re-post on schedule for maximum exposure to drive traffic to your offers


Multi media press releases can get you traffic and backlinks, we suggest using these press releases to link to YouTube videos which in turn link to your landing pages, websites & offers


This is a fantastic tool for writers, bloggers and video marketers. It can post int WordPress and Youtube and it will score your optimization, help create topic rich keyword optimized articles and even help your videos get found in foreign language Google searches


This is a Grey Hat SEO tool that will boost your CTR from Google & YouTube by clicking your listing from search results, watching your videos or browsing your web pages to increase retention time on your content. Use carefully this to boost your rankings!


This is a full private networks system with web app to manage and create sites in seconds, with desktop posting tool and it can create blogs, video sharing sites, bookmark sites and even allows you to create your own group networks with other members

Traffic Scout Alpha

My new approach to finding keywords that you can RANK for easily AND that have TRAFFIC. This tool also comes with additional tools, as an example we have the most powerful strategy built into our tools for identifying videos for YouTube Ad Placements.

Check Out This Walkthrough & See Exactly What You Are Getting With The Membership.

As you can see we have tools for most things you can think of for SEO as well as Video and Social Syndication. This is a unique membership for one low monthly cost to access all tools making it great value and with unique tools not available anywhere else and certainly not at this price point!

Secure An Unfair Advantage And Finally Get The Results You Deserve...

Ok, So, Who EXACTLY Is This Suitable For?

Growth Marketing For Businesses
For Business That Want To Accelerate Their Digital Marketing Traffic, Growth & Results
As more business start to embrace and expand into digital marking, it can get very expensive trying to figure out the best agencies to work with or make enough impact in an increasing and more competitive marketplace. This collection of tools with many unique strategies can save you time & money.
Agencies That Want Instant Services They Can Complete Quikly With Results
Agencies with clients can use these tools to expand their variety of services and increase revenue while working quickly to complete campaigns. Importantly these tools have been built for use with the flexibility to use white hat strategies, branding campaigns and content syndication at speed.
Increase Variety Of Service For Agencies
For Bloggers
For Bloggers Who Want More Traffic
Bloggers need rankings and traffic to get your epic con tent discovered, syndicated and to be able to move between multiple strategies in order to get the exposure your hard work deserves. As a blogger myself i understand the power of what we create for fast high quaility blog promotion strategies with automation.
For Affiliates Marketers Who Want An Unfair Advantage Over Competitors
Affiliates, CPA marketers, video marketers can all take advantage of the power packed automation, account creation, fast backlinking and syndication tools we have. With features including a PBN management and posting system, social syndication, live streaming with pre recorded videos you gain an unfair advantage.
Traffic For Affiliates

Let's Look At Some Features, Advantages and Benefits

With the huge variety of tools built for SEO rankings, Social Syndication and Traffic we have a lot packed into this membership, here are some of the main features of what we have now and you will also get access to any future Alpha tools and suites.
Social Syndication Wizard
Video Syndication
One Click Branded Profile
On Page Optimization
Multi Media Press Releases
PBN Lifetime Hosting
Live Streaming
Accurate Keyword Research Tools
Video Analysis Optimization
Unique Fast Indexing
Expired domain finder
Expired Web 2.0 Account Creators
GEO Local SEO Features
Weekly Webinar Training
Access All
Money Saving
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Syndication
  • Video Syndication
  • Optimization Tools
  • Huge Variety Of Automated Strategies
  • Weekly Training
  • Replays With Mind Maps & Steps
  • Low Monthly Cost

Try Your Product for 30 Days Risk Free

The risk is all ours, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase within the first 30 days we will give you a full refund and you can cancel at any time.

Now, It's Your Turn - Get Started Now...

Order Now For Just $197 Month $99 Month

This is a Limited Time Offer and May be Removed Soon...
This Includes a Personal 1-Computer License For Each Tool Per Order.
The Desktop Tools Are Built For Windows PC, However You Can Use a VPS If You Are A Mac User



Social Synd Alpha
Social Synd Alpha
Social Synd Alpha
Video Synd Alpha
Video Synd Alpha
Video Synd Alpha
Live Stream Alpha
Live Stream Alpha
Live Stream Alpha
Vid Attack Alpha
Vid Attack Alpha
Vid Attack Alpha
Optimization Alpha
Optimization Alpha
Optimization Alpha
Traffic Scout Alpha
Traffic Scout Alpha
Traffic Scout Alpha
MassMedia Press Releases
MassMedia Press Releases
5 Press Releases Per Month

MassMedia Press Releases
10 Press Releases Per Month

Alpha Networks PBN System
Alpha Networks PBN System
500 Posts Monthly

Alpha Networks PBN System
500 Posts Monthly

Alpha Sentai Xtreme (The Complete SEO Collection)
Alpha Sentai Xtreme (The Complete SEO Collection)
To Your Success,
Anthony Hayes
P.S. Remember we have weekly training and we also have a Facebook and skype group to mix with other members, share your experiences and discuss marketing strategies. I look forward to training you on the very best and safe white hat practices using these powerful Social Traffic, SEO, and Video marketing syndication tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Tools For Windows Or Mac?
The Desktop tools have been built using .Net to allow us to have more flexibility for syndication and account creation. However we do have a lot of Mac users who use a VPS to install and use the tools and in many ways this is better as they can be run 24/7 uninterupted for scheduled tasks.

What If I Need Help To Set Up A VPS?
We have tech support available to help you for installing the tools on a VPS or any other tech help that you may need. We also have great support with Asian and European Time Zones for general support issues if and when needed as well as the skype and facebook groups that you can ask for help too.

What Web Apps Are Included?
We have Alpha Networks which is a web app for adding and managing Private network sites as well as Massmedia SEO press release distriution service, both of these services can be posted to easily from the desktop tools too and we have a press release writing tool built into the desktop tools if needed.

Are These BlackHat SEO Tools?
As with many automation tools they can be abused for black hat strategies, but that does not mean they are designed to be black hat tools or that they can only be used as black hat tools.
With the exception of Video Synd Alpha, which is a super powerful tool designed to "boost' your rankings, move stubborn sticky rankings and reduce bounce rates (its sometimes needed!) all other tools can and should be used as white hat automation tools.

What If I Only Want To Use Some Of the Tools?
Your membership gives access to all tools and you can use any or all of them. The tools are designed to give you flexibility and variety in your marketing, there will be times when those that you may think you do not want to use right now will become very useful at some point and especially when you learn how other members are using them.

What If I Need More Computer Licenses?
We have priced this membership to be affordable to as many people as possible, if you do need extra computer licenses you will have to make an additional purchase.
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