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    Doesn’t youtube flag your video and demonitizes it if it thinks you are using a copyrighted song?

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      Anthony Hayes

      Hi Jose, videos in playlists are not videos that you upload if using this strategy, you are not the uploader, you simply added a public video to a playlist.

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    Jacob Suhr

    Hey Tony

    Interesting tool and the future plans for a case study about how to rank tags looks promising. I am not sure what the idea with Social Playlist Creator is? You measure the playlists via adsense earnings and then goes on to state that you can earn with other people content? That is what you say, right. But as far as I see, Adsense doesn’t let you earn that way. And reuploading other people content will get you a copyright strike in a heart beat. So please explain for my benefit how the tool can earn money again.



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      Anthony Hayes

      Hi Jacob, thanks for your feedback
      yeah i jumped the gun on the adsense thing, so we are adding in ability to add short video ads in between main playlist videos instead.
      This is best using 15 secs max videos BUT can be videos for new product launches, CPA offers or even Clickbank sales page videos.
      The traffic potential to your channel can be huge and if you have marketing elements built in to videos that you do control within that playlist then you can be driving that traffic for list building, offers and more info on your blog for example
      I will redo the video when we have the ad video insertion feature which should be today or tomorrow, we are back working on the playlist tool this week then back into Social Synd Alpha to add new features and updates.
      Re the copyright issue…if a video is public and allowed to be shared then its not an issue, but also these videos are not your own uploads, they are other peoples videos which YouTube allowed you to add to a playlist, YouTube will remove videos from the uploaders channel, it will appear as “video deleted” in the playlist, simply remove from playlist if that happens but again it is not your own upload, so you are not responsible for that video, all you did was add a public video to a playlist from someone elses channel.

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