Local Biz Alpha – WP Template Requests

We got a lot of PMs and support tickets asking "why do you need my cpanel information" Thought we should clear this with an explanation.

We are using migration guru plugin which means the migration happens from inside our wp install directly. It's not a download with files. it's a file transfer from our domain to yours. You can change your password after.

see screenshot of migration guru settings from inside wordpress: 

This is the only plugin we can find that works really well and fast and is uncomplicated as all in one migration has become really difficult to work with.

Do you have a website ready for the wp template?

If yes, Please Fill The Form Below
Website must be freshly wp installed
Must have at least 400MB of disk quota.

If not, Connect with Tanya McKee on FB  and let her know when you have a new domain with freshly installed wp. It's ok to take your time (even if it takes a few days) just let her know when you have the info.

Please Note* Local Biz Alpha Guru package customers, Connect with Tanya and let her know  you are interested in taking part of the Near Me group project. She will get you sorted.

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