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This blog is a journal documenting my thoughts, case studies, challenges and things i have learned, tweak and evolve on my internet marketing journey .

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    Richard Conover

    Hey Anthony just a heads up.. the link above is text editor HTML but likely tossed into the standard text mode.

    I’ll watch the video now!

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    Hi Anthony,

    Do we need proxies for rank tracker and keyword search or maybe we need them only to create web 2.0 accounts?

    1. 2.1

      Anthony Hayes

      Hi Giuseppe, apologies for late reply, i forgot we added comments to the blog, no proxies needed for either of those tools.
      Proxies needed for account creation tools like Web 2.0, Social Bookmarks and the new video sharing site account creator in Video Synd Alpha.
      I suggest using squid proxies, they work well with the Alpha SEO tools

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