SERPCurate Video Ranking Software

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Here's What You Get... With SERP Curate Software

  • Automatic Playlist Creation
  • Proven & Unique Built In SEO Strategy
  • 3 Major Ranking Factors Built In!
  • Google & YouTube Curates Your Content For You
  • Powerful Unique On Page SEO
  • Instant Boost To Rankings & Traffic
  • Capitalize On The NEW Topic Optimization Algorithm
  • Hijack Top Ranking Videos Traffic & Rankings
  • Hijack Authority Of Ranking Content
  • Perfect Kick Start To Every YouTube SEO Campaign
  • YouTube Curates Your Playlist
  • Ranks Your Videos For Multiple Keywords

The Feature Highlights

#1 - Unique & Automatic Playlist Creation

SERPCurate gets YouTube to Curate your playlists using the top-ranked videos for any keywords and then adding your own playlist on top to grab all the traffic and speed up rankings for your own video!
Run Unlimited campaigns and choose how many top-ranked videos you want in your playlists!

#2 - Proven & Unique Built In SEO Strategy 

Powerful Unique On-Page SEO With 1-Click Automation. Inserts Titles of videos in your playlist into the description as well as hashtags made from each channel that the videos are from.
This powerful SEO virtually guarantees rankings!

#3 - Ranks Your Videos For Multiple Keywords

With the ability to create playlists in bulk with the same video in one click it allows us to expect rankings quickly for the keywords used. You can use this intelligently to rank one piece of content (your video!) for keywords that fit the content and get targeted traffic.

#4 - Instant Boost To Rankings & Traffic

Never run a YouTube SEO campaign again without using this. It will provide fast rankings within YouTube which can result in insane amounts of traffic over time if targeting the right keywords, and combinations of keywords!
This is the perfect kickstart to every youtube seo campaign you ever do in future!

#5 - Capitalize On The NEW Topic Relevance Optimization Algorithm

SEO and keyword research has evolved consistently over recent times and we are now into an Era of ‘Topic Optimization’. Modern search engine optimization now goes beyond simply keywords. This can be seen too in Google search results with the “people also ask” snippets showing relevant topics. SERPCurate give you the opportunity to automate this for video

#6 - In-depth training via LIVE webinars

We go in-depth with training on On-page SEO, Channel Optimization and Using SERPCurate for Topic Optimization.
This includes Q&AS sessions at the end of the training and all replays in the member area.

#7 - Take Advantage Of Built In Major Ranking Factors

Here's how SERPCurate can really drive rankings and traffic. It naturally improves the user behavior signals that Google and YouTube look at and use as ranking factors. CTR clicks from search results, Views on Your Videos, Topic Relevance Optimization and Increased watch time and session time. We dive deeper into these in the live training but a lot also depends on the quality of your own content too.

#8 - Competition Analysis Tool

There are multiple data points covered with the competition analyzer tool and it also scores the keyword difficulty. Discover how many views a video has had when it was uploaded, by whom and much more. You’ll also notice here that the top video of any playlists that are ranking in Google search is what shows in this tool, which is significant as it uses YouTube’s own API key to pull that data from. Proving that the top video gets the benefits not only of traffic but for rankings for the video itself too

So How Does It Work?

Step #1

Research and find keywords that drive TRAFFIC for competitors

Step #2

Create playlists in Bulk From Your Keywords

Step #3

Start ranking for multiple keywords in YouTube

That's it!

Take A Sneak Peak Of What The Software Looks Inside!

And...I've Got A Special Unreleased Bonus For You!

#BONUS - 3 YouTube SEO Interactive Checklists!

These are chrome extensions that you can switch on and off...

  • SERP Curate best practices checklist
  • On Page SEO Checklist
  • And the Channel Optimization Checklist!
  • With Optimization Scoring Built In!

You Can Use SERPCurate To Rank For

  • Local SEO Keywords
  • Launch Jacking
  • Ecom
  • Topic Keyword Optimization
  • Reviews
  • NewsJacking

And More!

Pricing Plan

SERP Curate



1 Computer License

  • SERPCurate Bulk Playlist Maker
  • Competition Analyser
  • 3 Chrome Extension Interactive SEO Checklists
  • 2 Live Webinar Training Sessions
200k YouTube Traffic Workshop
SERP Curate



2 Computer License

  • SERPCurate Bulk Playlist Maker
  • Competition Analyser
  • 3 Chrome Extension Interactive SEO Checklists
  • 2 Live Webinar Training Sessions
200k YouTube Traffic Workshop

Anthony Hayes

Product Creator

Hi, Since 2011 I have been teaching SEO and traffic strategies after a spell doing local marketing.

I believe that automation is hugely important to be successful in traffic generation online today and my tools are designed to kickstart your campaigns... BUT I always advocate and teach that quality content comes first, followed by adding your marketing elements to convert your traffic before you start any traffic generation.

Our tools have been used to drive rankings and traffic for years and have helped thousands of marketers and built a hard core following.

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