WP VideoSites Review, Case Study & Thoughts

[review] Today I am going to review a new WordPress plugin by Abbas Ravji called WP VideoSites.

This is a plugin that can create full video sites using an additional WordPress folder to your main money or niche sites and the posts are used to link back to your main content.

1. It allows you to create video posts that are related to your main sites niche so to attract even more traffic
2. Videos are becoming even more popular day by day and the plugin makes sure any WordPress site with this plugin installed gets to benefit from video traffic.
3. The plugin allows you to create internal links to your main WordPress posts. This means you can create multiple video posts that link to each page/post both contextually related to your posts topic and using related anchor text for the internal links
4. The plugin allows you to monetize the entire Video blog and every page it creates, this is perfect for advertising your main service or for promoting affiliate, cpa offers or your own service
5. If your website only has a handful of pages (such as is common for service sites, a home page, services page, pricing page, about us page and contact us page) then this plugin allows you to create even more pages, generate even more internal links, and put out even more pages to rank in the search engines without effecting your main WordPress site. This will result in even more traffic and more leads for your business.

Usually I am skeptical of any kind of autoblog or auto curation on my main sites, but as I know Abbas pretty well i knew it was going to be worth looking into and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did!

This is a very cleverly done plugin that creates posts that do not show on your navigation on your main WordPress sites but it creates a video blog on the same domain and these video blogs look great.

There is a little bit of a learning curve but once you create the first set up then its fast and easy to do for the rest. Even then if your willing to spend time going through the tutorial videos you will have a great way to boost internal linking, build freshness to old posts and find rankings increase too.

Check out the interview and demo that Abbas did with me and look out for proof of rankings, how he achieved them and especially look out for how he uses this to create internal backlinks to posts on his main site….

Interview & Demo With Abbas Ravji

How It Works

In this report I will be showing you how to Rank in Google for more Keywords, Increase Targeted Traffic and Boost Website Exposure.
This technique uses the power of Fresh & Relevant content along with the power of internal links that you control.
Important note on Technique
[box type=”download”] As a user performing a search in Google, you expect to find up to date & relevant results.
Google understands this and they try their best to give users what they want. They don’t want to show out of date stale content.
As a result, Google provides every document on the net with a freshness score. This freshness score can play a large role in how and where your site ranks in Google.
There are several ways in which Google determines a documents freshness score – one of which is known as Related Document Freshness.
This is when Google determines parts of a documents freshness by assessing the freshness of
the documents that are linking to it.

So by building links from fresh documents you’re able to get a boost in freshness score. You’re also able to benefit from internal links – a proven SEO strategy for increasing your Search Engine Rankings.
This means that documents linking to Document A will influence the freshness score of Document A.

They also pass Link Juice, send Traffic, Reassure the documents Content Theme & Vouch for document A
Adding new content to your site on a frequent basis is important.
By creating new content, you’re able to:

  • Target & Rank for more keywords
  • Increase your Freshness Scores
  • Create internal links and diversify anchor text
  • Show Google you’re the authority in your niche
  • But adding content on a frequent basis is difficult especially if you have many websites.

Introducing The WpVideoSites Method

[box type=”download”] As described by Abbas

[quote font_size=”As described by Abbas “When we set out to create WpVideoSites, we knew what we wanted overall but it’s actually turned out to be so much more.”” font_style=”italic”]When we set out to create WpVideoSites, we knew what we wanted overall but it’s actually turned out to be so much more.[/quote][/box]

We wanted a plugin that

  • Could be installed on ANY WordPress site
  • Would not affect the way our main sites looked or felt to our users
  • Would allow us to boost freshness scores & internal links.

And most importantly we wanted something that was safe, built quality pages and that was easy to use.
The ultimate goal was to Increase Traffic, Rankings & Engagement for our main content


The WpVideoSites Method Explained

WpVideoSItes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create Independent Video Sites that run alongside your current blog.
The Video sites are designed to Send Targeted Traffic, Increase Engagement and Boost the Search Engine Rankings for your main WordPress site.

How The Video Sites Look

It looks beautiful, adds great content, and works with ANY Niche.

Here’s a sample of how a video blog home page can look

The colours, logos and theme are customizable so to match any site
The video blog uses an optimized silo structure for maximizing rankings, and all posts inside of the video blog use Schema Mark-up. Videos can be played in a stylish lightbox popup or individual video posts can be visited directly.

Here’s how a Video Post looks like

Each post showcases a video towards the top with social sharing icons under them. Videos will only link out to related videos within the same category so to keep the silo structure intact. Relevant Content & internal links are added below videos.
Each post provides optional hot spot banner placements which are perfect for promoting your main site or other services (videos, iframes, images, gifs, opt in codes etc can be added).

Social Links, Traffic, Authority & Exposure

Each video post gets auto syndicated to authority social media sites.
This provides a further related document freshness boost, gets social links and starts to send social traffic.
It also helps in ranking the actual video posts themselves.

Proof Of Rankings

 Here’s just a few results achieved using WpVideoSites

Fully optimized Video RSS feeds & Silo Structure

[box type=”download”] The Fully Optimized Video & RSS Sitemap Feeds Using Silo Structure keeps everything contextually relevant with category RSS feeds and silos


It creates

  • General Feeds: – This Feed Contains All Videos in Your Site
  • Category specific feeds: – This feed shows all videos inside a particular category
  • Post Feeds: – This Feed shows only videos that link back to a certain WordPress Post.

These feeds are fully styled using images and are great for using when wanting to control the type of content you want to syndicate AND for Super-Fast Indexing.

Auto Content Generation Using Video Transcripts

WpVideoSites automatically generates content in ANY language by converting what’s being said in the actual video into written text.
It then places this text under the videos as content. This makes sure you have 100% relevant and related content on your video posts.

It’s also possible to add content of your own (which can be spun if you wish) along with the video transcript, or you can get further content from other integrated services such as Article Builder which is totally optional.
Some of us like to add our own content mixed with the transcript while others don’t, some like to edit the transcript while others don’t. Whatever the case, WpVideoSites allows you to work with it in whatever way you prefer. 

Google Mobile First Index Optimized for an even better Ranking & Experience

With Google’s focus being on mobile and their push for a Mobile first index. WpVideoSites makes sure it’s fully mobile compliant.
You will get full benefits from Google’s latest update along with great exposure on both mobile and desktop devices knowing your users are getting a great experience no matter what device they use


[box type=”download”] “WpVideoSites is like having a site within a site. It’s an extension to your current site, an extension designed to Attract Visitors, Better your Rankings and Feed Targeted Traffic to your main content.”[/box]

It’s the perfect companion to ANY WordPress site 

WpVideoSites has been tested for over 4 months

Here are some reviews

Here are some more reviews

 WpVideoSites and You

By using WpVideoSites on your blogs you will be able to:

  1. Rank in Google and remain ranked
  2. Boost your freshness score
  3. Diversify your anchor text
  4. Rank for more keywords
  5. Build an internal linking structure that boosts your rankings
  6. And so much more

WpVideoSites works with all of the services noted below, all paid for services are optional to work with

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • The best spinner, Spin Rewriter (requires an account)
  • Article builder (requires an account)
  • Your own server or proxies

And it even comes with a fully automated mode for set it and forget it hands free postings.

When will WP VideoSites Become Available?

The plugin becomes available Thursday 10th May 2017 at 10 am EST.

Final Thoughts


  • It works and it does exactly what it says.
  • The strategy is awesome
  • The sites look great
  • Abbas is using this on his main site too and so will i be now i have done my first test site
  • The price is a bargain at just $37.00
  • The OTO is $37.00 which is still very affordable


  • There is a little bit of a learning curve but the tutorials explain things well although I did have to watch parts of some videos a couple of times as I was creating my first site

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Webinar Replay

Here is Abbas Ravjis Powerpoint Slides From The Webinar

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