A Unique Combination of Instagram Training and SAAS

Viraleze -- Totally On Autopilot - Go Viral, Get More Followers, Likes, Leads and Sales

  • Advanced Instagram Marketing Training takes you by Hand from ‘0’ to Hero Instagram Marketer
  • Automate your Growth by scheduling 1 Month content in just one day
  • A SAAS app that schedules your content (Images/ Videos/ Stories)
  • Get 100% Free Targeted Traffic
  • Make upto $200 by doing just 1 Post on Instagram using Shoutouts
  • Easy to use, Mobile Responsive UI
  • Multilingual Dashboard
  • Proxy Support Repost Viral Content in 1 Click
  • Get Followers on Autopilot using Popular Hashtags
  • Make money by managing Instagram accounts for your clients

Instagram is the world's fastest-growing social media platform. Due to the apps visual nature and high user engagement rate, Instagram is also most valuable social media marketing tool.

Currently, Instagram has:

And the Best Part, It is the Fastest Result Giving Platform for Marketers across the Globe.

Let’s Compare Instagram with Other Social Media Platforms

It’s the ONLY social media platform that gives you a more than 90% ORGANIC REACH...

And in just a moment, I am going to tell you how you can tap into it’s 1000 MILLION users

To automatically grow your business...

Faster, easier and with more - than ever before.


We all know the pain of posting something to Facebook and playing the algorithm lottery of how many of your fans or friends will actually SEE your important post..

It’s 6%. Yup. Just 6%.
#Almost Pointless
There are NO Winners In The Facebook Algorithm Lottery. But with Instagram Every single post you make is shown to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FOLLOWERS. That’s what make it so profitable

Reasons You Need To Be Focusing

  • Reach More Prospects: 100% Guaranteed Reach
  • Visual Based Marketing Is 94% More Engaging
  • Go Viral: Image Based Marketing Gets 40% More Shares
  • Easy To Use and Accessible To Everyone With A Smart Phone
  • Quickly Scalable

This is social media Engagement on steroids

  • You don’t know what time you should post
  • You don’t know how to get more followers
  • You don’t know how to search & use ‘correct’ hashtags
  • You don’t know how to get more engagement
  • Quickly Scalable


The Viraleze System consists of 2 major parts:

  • Viraleze Training
  • Viraleze Scheduler SAAS software

Viraleze Training

This training will take you from zero to hero in learning the nuances of Instagram Marketing.

Even the Darkest Hidden secrets which Big Influencers use to Get 1000,’s of Likes, Comments and Sales with just one post will be uncovered in front of you.

And I Guaranteed that it’s super easy for you after going through these

Module #1: Basics of Instagram Marketing

  • Types of Instagram Accounts
  • Niche Selection
  • Creating a Perfect Bio
  • Module #2: Content Creation

    • Types of Content
    • Apps to Create Content
    • How to Generate 1 Month of Content in under 30 Minutes

    Module #3: Growth Hacks

    • Following the Right Account
    • Using the Power of Relevant Hashtags
    • Building a Relationship with your Followers
    • Instagram Contests and Giveaways

    Module #4: How to Leverage Instagram Stories & Go Live

    • Instagram Stories
    • Go Live
    • Right Use of Call to Action

    Module #5: How to Increase Organic Reach

    • Going Viral and Getting on Explore Page
    • Reposting the Viral Content
    • Being a Part of Engagement Groups
    • S4S & 1V1
    • Shadow Banning

    Module #6: How to Earn through Instagram

    • How to Earn Through Shoutouts
    • Buying and Selling of Instagram Accounts
    • Providing Instagram Account Management Services

    Module #7: How to Get Unlimited Traffic from Instagram

    • How to Get Traffic using CTA Videos
    • How to Get Free Traffic using Stories
    • How to Get Free Traffic using Imags

    Viraleze Scheduler SAAS software

    Viraleze Scheduler SAAS software will help you to put all the Clients Accounts and your own Accounts on Autopilot.

    See The power of Viraleze Scheduler Through Demo Video:


    I know you are thinking that it will take time and effort.

    Because not everyone has the time luxury to post the content multiple times in a day.

    But don’t panic.

    Viraleze Scheduler will all do it for you. Just schedule your months content in just 1 day and sit relax at your couch for the whole month.

    Viraleze Scheduler Amazing Features

    Viraleze Scheduler boasts the following features to help you
    save time and focus on more important matters.

    • Viraleze Scheduler opens up your Instagram control Directly on your desktop!
    • World’s most innovative Drag & Drop Media Upload System
    • Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously
    • Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed code
    • Emoji Integration
    • Automatic Timezone and Language detection
    • Multilingual ready
    • Live Dashboard Preview
    • Automatic image resize/crop feature
    • Caption Templates
    • Modern, Easy-to-use, Mobile Responsive UI
    • Complete Statistics

    Check out all the bonuses you will get
    if you buy today...

    Bonus #1

    Conversion Booster Package

    Here's what your new subscribers will learn in this report:

    Uncover the real truth about testing and tweaking!

    Bonus #2

    Ecom Mastery Package

    How to choose a profitable niche that will continue to make money for years to come!

    Bonus #3

    Fail Proof Headlines Package

    Uncover the secrets to writing headlines that convert like crazy, no matter what your offer is!

    Bonus #4

    Profit Funnels

    A salesfunnelmovesleadsthroughasalesprocess untiltheymakeafinalpurchase.

    Bonus #5

    Extreme Branding

    Wordslike“brandawareness”and“brand recognition”areoftentossedaround,andare synonymouswithachievingsuccessandgaininga strongfootholdinyourmarket,especiallywhenthere arethousandsofotherbusinessescompetingfor yourcustomer’sattention.

    Bonus #6

    Unlimited Leads Package

    The straightforward 4-step process to setting up a lead generation system that will siphon unlimited qualified prospects into your funnel!

    Bonus #7

    Mobile Ecommerce Package

    Find out how you can build a powerful, feature-laden ecommerce website in 24 hours or less!

    Bonus #8

    Blog Posts That Sell Package

    Uncover the secrets to creating blog content that actually gets results!

    My Exclusive Bonus...

    I have been buying up some resellers websites over on Flippa costing anywhere between $70 and $250.

    These are a ready-made business in a box type sites that you use to offer services that you outsource and come with pro designs as well as where to outsource high-quality services.

    I will be offering a series of these for bonuses for upcoming launch promo's and today's promo is the first one.

    Today I am offering

    4-in-1 Press Release Business Website
    - No Experience Required

    Here is the information provided by the sellers listing on Flippa that I purchased from.

    • Fully set up, fully outsourced business in a lucrative niche.
    • A WordPress-based site with a pro design.
    • Easy to make changes
    • check
      Minimal effort required
    • check
      4 Services in 1 website
    • check
      Turnkey Business-in-a-Box Solution
    • check
      Lucrative, trending niche
    • check
      Makeup to $150 per sale!

    You will receive a migration file to import into your own domain for a beautifully-designed service reseller website that offers Press Release and Article Writing and Distribution services to business owners looking to increase their publicity.

    There is a huge demand for these services as they are trending services for any online and offline businesses that want to take increase their business popularity.

    The website is completely set up, ready for business and made for you to create money.
    It is close to fully automated, with no website maintenance required and it only takes minimal work on your part to process customers’ orders.


    You will be offering Press Release and Article writing and distribution services to any online or offline businesses. These services are extremely in high demand and will only increase with time. 

    As more and more online and offline businesses try to increase their business publicity and popularity, the need for press release services will only increase.
    This website will take advantage of that increasing trend by offering services that cater directly to the demand of those online and offline business owners.

    Press release popularity is at an all-time high and is one of the most effective marketing methods in the world and every business owner understands the importance of establishing a strong presence within the news media.

    Not only is press release able to get a business popularity to increase, but it is also useful for getting direct, targeted traffic and customers for that business.

    By owning a website that offers services tailored to increase a business’ presence within the news media, you’re taking advantage of this incredible trend.


    This Press Release service business is very easy to run. Here’s how it works:

    When orders come in, you will receive instant payment into your PayPal account
    You then forward the orders to the suppliers of that service

    It’s as EASY as that. You will not have to worry about anything else.

    We will provide you with the suppliers for the press release and article services and these suppliers will perform the press release writing and/or distribution for your customers.

    You do n’t need to do the dirty work as it is all fully outsourced.

    This website is perfect for beginners, newbies or anyone who want to own their own profitable, automated online business.

    This is a real fully functional business with a proven business model that will allow you to be in business from day one.

    You only need to drive targeted traffic to it. It’s a great opportunity for those who are just starting out online.

    The suppliers for these services are top notch suppliers. You can rest easy that they will perform a great job fulfilling your customers’ orders while still offer incredibly low rates for their services so that you can put a nice markup on their services.


    The press release reseller business is highly profitable. 

    On each order, you will make more than 100% profit, from $14 profit up to $150 profit on the largest package offered on the site. With this site, you can potentially make up to $500 per week in your spare time if you drive targeted traffic to it.

    We will include marketing materials and guides with this website which will teach you traffic generation and search engine optimization methods that will help you find customers and get orders fast.

    The website offers several different Press Release and Article writing and distribution packages.

    Below are the pricing and profitability of each package. You can certainly change the pricing and the packages offered if you envision a better combination of packages and pricing points.

    Press Release Writing & Distribution

    • Basic Package - Your Cost $129 - Sale Price $199 - Your Profit = $70
    • Standard Package - Your Cost $199 - Sale Price $299 - Your Profit = $100
    • Super Package - Your Cost $449 - Sale Price $599 - Your Profit = $150

    Press Release Distribution

    • Basic Package - Your Cost $49 - Sale Price $99 - Your Profit = $50
    • Standard Package - Your Cost $99 - Sale Price $199 - Your Profit = $100
    • Super Package - Your Cost $199 - Sale Price $299 - Your Profit = $100

    Article Writing & Distribution

    • Basic Package - Your Cost $27 - Sale Price $59 - Your Profit = $32
    • Standard Package - Your Cost $42 - Sale Price $89 - Your Profit = $47
    • Super Package - Your Cost $80 - Sale Price $149 - Your Profit = $69

    Article Distribution

    • Basic Package - Your Cost $15 - Sale Price $29 - Your Profit = $14
    • Standard Package - Your Cost $25 - Sale Price $49 - Your Profit = $24
    • Super Package - Your Cost $50 - Sale Price $89 - Your Profit = $44

    Extra Notes...

    I will add in my favorite high-quality Press Release gig for 400+ links.
    Cost is 40 without writing or 55 with writing

    My preferred source for getting Articles syndicated to 800 sites and where you can profit big.

    I suggest to offer Press Release with the article links as the second tier and was a service that I want to offer to my subscribers too with MassMedia Press Releases to add some serious power to the service.

    What To Do Now...

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      Buy Viraleze From My Link Below
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      Send In Your Receipts to [email protected] To Claim my exclusive bonuses
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