Social Synd Alpha: Drag & Drop IFTTT Hands Free Syndication

Introducing Social Synd Alpha…

Notice no mention of backlinks, rankings or SEO in the name?

That’s because although its a fantastic tool for SEO’s to automated some very cool backlinking strategies, it is also a superb tool for people who are more focused on traffic, social syndication, branding and offering white hat services without having to be using black or grey hat strategies.

Automated syndication has always been one of our specialties for our software tools since we started creating tools back in 2011.
In that time we had plenty ups and downs, delays, frustrations and a few victories too.

One of the major victories we had was with a launch we did back in 2014 for a tool called IFTTT Backlink Commando which dominated the JVzoo top sellers for almost a week and went on to do almost 7000 funnel sales.

In that tool i created a bunch of pre made sequences that the tool would automate with the click of a button and it could also create accounts and the associated site accounts needed for most of the “recipes” as they were called then by IFTTT.

The we hit a snag!

The new recaptcher 2.0 image captchas started showing up and we couldnt get past them, so the tool still worked but only if you added your own accounts, which kinda killed it off for many folks including myself.

In that time there were other tools we went onto create and we focused on rebranding the old Commando tools by upgrading them one by one, building them out into complete “one strategy, one purpose” type suites and under the new “Alpha” branding. As an example, the first was Video Synd Alpha which had one main purpose of doing video syndication, and was designed as a Traffic Geyser alternative and i mapped out some additional tools to add to the suite to enhance that strategy with automated backlinks, web 2.0 video embeds and a few other tools that i felt would be useful for automated SEO stuff.

Again we found that by having one click bulk account creators that the image recaptcher 2.0 issues came and created some major issues for that part of the tool. The same happened also to our bookmarking tools and anything we had automated account creation.

Unfortunately some things were just out of our control and at the time none of the major captcha solving services had come up with a solution until recently when 2cpatcha solved the issue. This meant that we could bring back the older tools that were affected and we decided to fix the current tools that were in use first, as this would allow us to plan bigger better versions of those we would bring back, and that when we did bring them back they would be way beyond what they were before.

This has many major advantages as it also brings the tool out of the perceived SEO software into a broader, and much wider audience.

That brings us nicely to to today...

In particular, the old IFTTT Backlink Commando, which used to be called WP Backlink commando until we realized that a few poor souls thought it was a WordPress plugin and we started getting support tickets about the desktop tool not uploading to WordPress sites 🙂

Bless them, at least they were making the attempt to get the tool going and use it. Unfortunately, we see a lot of sales, especially on JVzoo launches where a surprisingly large number of people buy, but never install or login to the member area.
They bought into the message but took no action and most likely went onto the next big promotion to hit their inboxes.


So we mapped out the new version for the IFTTT tool to make it into an "Alpha" tool, and as we started the process we thought that what it really needed was the ability for users to add their own triggers and actions rather than have me create strategies in sequences that they would be stuck with.


We started with the "What If..." approach...

  • "What If we could let users choose their own specs for IFTTT ingredients"
  • "What If we could have a drag and drop wizard to map out their own sequences"
  • "What If we could allow users to save their base sequence mapping for faster mapping of new sequences"
  • "What If we could let users delete existing applets in IFTTT accounts and redo new ones at the click of a button"... ... this is useful As some accounts cannot be created with automation.
  • "And...What If we could could create rings of sequences that were great for social media marketers, growth hackers, blogger and people who may not be that much into SEO... but who may want to automate branded and white hat social media marketing syndication for themselves, for their clients, their ecom stores or even for people like list builders, real estate agents, Local SEO's, CPA marketers and more"
  • And Finally..."What if the account creation would allow people to add their profiles,, images and max out their profiles with automation across multiple sites and with the ability to easily add in their existing profiles for sites like Facebook, Linkedin and some others that we really cannot automate anyway, but allows users to build out branded profiles or import existing profiles.
  • One final thought as i am writing this is to add semi automation for all sites as an "optional choice" which allows users to fulfill the accounts needed for their syndication.

Ok, so i will build out this blog post a bit more over the next few days and we keep building out some awesome features for Social Synd Alpha.

Here's what you need to know for now...

As always we have ​additional tools designed to improve the main tool strategy, here's a few that we have created so far and there will be more added too.

One of the most important things (for me anyway)​ is that the syndication links get indexed fast and we can drive some automation via SEO strategies with simple one click solutions, so that even if your not that much into SEO, you don't have to be, just click a button and your done.

So, we have expended on our original YouTube RSS extreme tool to add for other sites we work with within the IFTTT platform. This gives us additional syndication via RSS, allows us to add in some other feed urls of content providers in your niche and get our links indexed faster too.

Basically these tools grab the urls for posts made, create a bunch of short urls from those links, add them all to feeburner and then ping and index the feedurner feed and all other links created, its simple and it works and its "one click easy" to make happen.​

Here is a list of the RSS Xtreme tools​ we have added under ONE tab in the software suite...

  • YouTube RSS Xtreme
  • Blogger RSS Xtreme
  • WordPress RSS Xtreme
  • Twitter RSS Xtreme
  • Weebly RSS Xtreme
  • Tumblr RSS Xtreme
  • Instagram RSS Xtreme
  • Facebook Page RSS Xtreme

We also want tools in there for affiliates and for SEOs to know how well their content is doing, so we have added the following tools too

  • An Amazon Affiliate tool which finds products on amazon by keywords or even the latest added products for any category and then will find videos on YouTube relate to that product which you can download and re-upload with your affiliate links.
  • A Rank Tracker Tool
  • Our Traffic redirect tool which you can create a cloaked link to get syndicated, and at any time in the future you can change the destination url, where that original cloaked link is pointing to 🙂
  • We are also adding in our Video Synd Alpha tab if you want to do some video syndication too and with that, we are adding 10 of our own video sharing sites that we created the the Alpha Networks PBN system. These are optional to use but we can and will add a bunch of these regularly if we see they are popular with users.

There will likely be more tools added and we will take requests from customers, all of our Alpha tools have had new features added, this will be no different and once this is done we can move on to fixing our bookmark tools too.


When Will Social Syn Alpha Be Released?

We may do a very limited release as early as tonight and then roll it out over the next few days, if we decide to go this way then it will be to our existing customers within the skype group so that we can get feedback, implement tweaks needed quickly and get some suggestions for making the tool even better.

Will there be an upgrade option for existing IFTTT Backlink Commando Customers?

We have created a better version of the old ​IFTTT Backlink Commando which we have called "Lite" version, with this version there are 6 pre-defined strategy sequences but still with some flexibility in choosing what "ingredients to use within each step of those recipes or, as they are known now in IFTTT "applets".

The Drag and drop wizard is an upgrade, this has taken a lot of coding hours already and the maintenance of this tool will run into thousands of coding hours over time.

However, we will allow a discount to upgrade to the drag and drop wizard which we have called the "Synd Mapper"​ and that will be a deduction dependent on what version of the old IFTTT Backlink Commando was purchased previously.

It was released 3 years ago at $27.00 and the price increased through the funnel to get some extra tools, we have again added extra tools but better tools for marketing today and fresh tools specific for this syndication strategy.

More details will be on an email for my list and on the sales page too.

This is a great tool, its going to be a great addition for many marketers, not just SEO's and it will keep getting better with new features, tweaks and taking suggestions and feedback​ from our customers.

Social Synd Alpha Is Now Available But Only 50 Copied Are Being Sold Outside of Alpha Sentai

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