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LocalProfits360 is a cloud-based software that works for any platform, browser or operating system.

This is suitable for any online marketing angle such as:

  • Local Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Video Marketing
  • check
    Reputation Management
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    Email Marketing
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    Web Design and so much more

If you already make money working with offline clients or you are just starting, you can use LocalProfits360 to find clients and make a recurring income by selling them online services.​​​​ 

Product Name:



Han Fan

Launch Date:

13th June

Front End Price



Local/Offline Marketing

Skill Level Needed:

Newbie Friendly

My Rating: Reccomended!

Quality - 95%
Ease Of Use - 95%
Features - 90%
Bonus - 100%
Support - 100%

Pre-Qualified Business Leads on Autopilot!

New Local Marketing Software Generates 498% More Profits & 5x More Leads in Just 60 Minutes!

One of the major focus of LocalProfits360 is help you and your clients find people who need be ranked or need other marketing services.

Once profitable leads searched out, then you deliver an in depth Local Report with Top Competitors, Youtube Videos and more, to help your client not just rank better, also help them get listed higher in Google Maps which is where every business wants to be.

With the tested and proven secret method, customers can either do this by themselves or simply outsource the entire process. 

So it really is  100% Newbie Friendly

Your or your customers (if you get the agency license upgrade) can search for leads based on their desired keywords and location and get hundreds of leads in unlimited niches.

The results provides  loads useful details such as the email, web address, social stats, phone number, google my business, reviews, youtube videos, competitors and many more that you or your customers can use to hook potential clients.

Every prospect that is found can be contacted directly from LocalProfits360 web app via email.

Watch LocalProfits360 in Action

LocalProfit360 Is The Perfect Software To Find These Small Businesses And To Convince Them They Need Your Services

Here is a complease list of details of LocalProfits360 Upsells

Front End - LocalProfit360 ($27)

Step 1 - Finding Leads:

Access to Search and Find Leads Functionality.
Access to Campaign Creation and Management.
Display Leads Found:
Display Business Name. Reviews Number, Reviews Rating, Address & website, Email, Phone number and other info we can gather from Google Maps.
Display a image gathered from their Google Maps Spot.
Advance Filter Functions:
Lead email available? [Yes/No]
Lead Website available? [Yes/No]
Lead Rating? [5 Star Rating System]
Save All Leads To Campaign or Project.
Ability to export data: leads, business name, phone number, etc on CSV.

Step 2 – Finding Problems (Detail Analysis):
- Check if website is Mobile Friendly or not
- Check if it has Google my Business (city, business hours, phone number, etc) - We'll teach them how to create a Google my Business Page is that doesn't exist (should have a button that when clicked pops up and explain how to do that (we provide the text for that).
- Check if it has Google Reviews (number of reviews and overall ratings) - If the number of reviews are below 5 and the star rating is below 4, we give a number of tips to improve that)
- Check if it's present in Facebook Places Directory (The business must be present on Facebook Places to improve the social media authority and to be found by more people) - If it's not present, we teach them how to do it
- Check if it has Google Rich Snippets for Local (A rich snippet can be found on the right side of Google Search Page and has many details) - We can provide a WordPress Plugin for this or tell them how to do it
- Check on page SEO for local (keywords with the city, zipcodes, etc)
- Check to see the top 5 competitors for that keyword + location
- Check to see backlinks vs competition backlinks
- Check if business is on Yelp
- Check if business is on Foursquare
- Check it the business had any press release in the local news agencies (not sure how or if we can make this)
- Check if it has any Youtube Video (having videos uploaded with a title that includes the location, can help in rankings)

Step 3: Contact Prospect & Close Deal.
Generate a PDF report with all the good and bad stuff.
That PDF Report can be downloaded or can be Saved and attached to the email they want to send to the business owner.

OTO1 - LocalProfits360 Pro

 (Monthly $37/ Quarterly $47)

All the Function in FE, Plus These:
Step 1 - Finding Leads:

* Unlimited Leads Search Results (lift the Limitation of 50 leads in FE).
* Ability to Search for Location and A Radius Distance Around That Location.
* Access to Reporting functionality with PDF Download With Customize LOGO.

Step 2 – Finding Problems (Detail Analysis):
* SEO Analyzer - detail SEO Analysis for your clients websites.
* Google SERP - Find your current rank on Google for all of your keywords. Checks the first 250 results.
* Bing SERP - Find your current rank on Bing for all of your keywords. Checks only the first 100 results.
* Top Search Queries - Displays the top search queries that lead visitors to your website, as well as the estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and percentage of your total searches for each query.
* Indexed Pages - Calculates the total number of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.
* Robots.txt - Reads and parses your robots.txt file the same way Google would, to find sitemaps and rules. These findings are displayed in an organized table.
* Sitemap - Scans your website to find sitemap files. Each sitemap is displayed along with the status code, format, number of entries in the sitemap, and a percentile representing how hard it will be for Google and Bing to find the sitemap.
* Submit Sitemaps - Easily and instantly submit your sitemap(s) to Google and Bing. This tool is recommended for new sites and after redesigning websites.
* Alexa Rank - find your current global rank.
* Crawlability Test - Parses your robots.txt and lets you enter a URL to a page on your website. Displays whether or not that page can be crawled and/or indexed by Google and Bing.
* Mobile Support - Tests whether or not your webpage(s) will be displayed as “mobile-friendly” on Google search results. It checks meta tags, stylesheets, and embedded styles.
* Headers - Checks the headers returned by the page for errors or problems. Allows you to check multiple pages on your website. This tool will also check redirection, and explains whether a redirection is permanent or temporary.
* High Quality Backlinks - Shows the top 100 highest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Displays anchor text, site category, strength, and more. Only works for Western domains, currently.
* New Backlinks - Shows the top 100 newest backlinks pointing to your website. Only works for Western domains, currently.
* Poor Backlinks - Shows the top 100 lowest quality backlinks pointing to your website. Only works for Western domains, currently.
* Top Referrers - Shows the top websites which refer the most traffic to your website. The backlink statistics for these sites is also shown.
* Speed Test - Runs a speed test on your website and provides a score, along with PageSpeed recommendations from Google on how to improve your website’s speed.
* Link Analysis - Checks all links on a webpage, determines whether they are internal or external (outgoing), dofollow or nofollow, and displays this information in an organized table.
* Keyword Density - Finds the most common words or phrases on your webpage, checks them against the page title and meta description, and shows the weight of these words and phrases. A higher weight means a stronger impact on search ranks for that word or phrase.
* Extract Meta Tags - Pulls meta tags out of the page and displays whether or not that meta tag is used by Google and Bing.
* Keyword Research - Displays estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and market value for unlimited keywords. It also shows relevant keywords similar to the one you enter.
* Competition - Uses Google to find your competitors for a specific keyword. Displays their ranks, link strength, number of backlinks, number of unique backlinks, and % nofollow backlinks.

Step 3: Contact Prospect & Close Deal.
* Access to Email Sending Functionality (Pro members can link their google gmail/gsuite account to the platform and mail their leads)
* Can add their own SMTP Server in Settings Module
* Will have access to integrated email templates and custom placeholders (with lead scrapped information)

OTO2 - CitationProfits360

(Lite $27/Pro $37)

One of the secret to put local website on the first page is make sure there is back link from related authority sites. With this simple upgrade, you have ability to find the exact website need have back link from to get your client site ranked:

Lite: ($27)
* Search over 400 Local directories from 70 unique local niches to find if site is listed or not.
* In-Depth Report: give recommendation which authority site should get link from in order to rank it FAST.
* Complete training shows you how do this quickly and easily.

Pro: ($37)
* Crossing Checking leads website with Local business directories.
* Search over 400 Local directories from 70 unique local niches to find if site is listed or not.
* In-Depth Report: give recommendation which authority site should get link from in order to rank it FAST.
* Complete training shows you how do this quickly and easily.
* Save You Tons of Time and Money by Automate the Entire process.
* Integrate with our email market system to make it effortless with email swipe included.

OTO3 - SSLProfits36

(Lite $47 / Pro $67)

Lite: ($47)
⁃ SSL finder
⁃ Email Swipe
⁃ Training Guide to do it yourself

Pro: ($67)
⁃ SSL finder
⁃ Email Swipe
⁃ Email Auto Mailer
⁃ Agency Theme Including: SSL + Local Marketing + Reputation Management
⁃ OutSourcing Contacts: ppl can do it for you
⁃ Training Guide to do it yourself.

OTO4: [Reseller Agency License]

Lite ($97) - FE 100%
Pro ($197) - entire Funnel 100%, Agency Rights Allow to add own users.

My Awesome Bonuses

Front End Bonus

Lead Genesis Basic Version -  5 Site License
(if you already have it then you get additional 5 site license and also grandfathered into the web app version when we have it built)

Extra Bonus for Front End!

Rank & Rent 3 Part Course
We will start this mini course next week.

  • Learn How To Rank & Rent Videos
  • How To Rank & Rent Lead Capture Pages (no one else is talking about this)
  • How To Absolutely Guarantee Your Rankings for Local
  • check
    How To Do Local Keyword Research
  • check
    How To Reverse Engineer Your Competition

(This mini course will be recorded and delivered within 7 days)

OTO 1 Bonus

Traffic Analytica Course
This is a fast and easy way to drive traffic that's targeted

OTO 2 Bonus

Vid Attack Alpha Full Version 1 Comp License Value $497
This is the ideal tool for fast local ranking!

OTO 3 Bonus

Get Extra Computer License For Vid Attack Alpha


We will upgrade your FE bonus Lead Genesis Basic Version to extreme version

OTO 4 Bonus

This will have to be an IOU guys, I will be doing a course on Rank & Bank with Local Businesses but I can't get this started for at least 3 or 4 weeks.

This will be a high value course and I will be using LocalProfits360 with Lead Genesis and a New Updated version of RankAttack SEO.
But it’s not just SEO you can offer these businesses, things like SSL installation and creating Local Landing Pages with Lead genesis are in demand and very profitable too.

What To Do Now...

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    Get LocalProfits360 from my link below
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    Send In Your Receipts to [email protected]
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    Give us up to 48 hours to deliver the bonus




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