LIVEReel Offers A Unique Marketing System (On Autopilot)

SEO - Traffic - Engagement - List Building - Autoresponder = Long Term Traffic & Profits!

This Goes Beyond The Obvious..

But let me show you what i see, and the chat that i had with LIVEReel creator Abhi Dwivedi

Abhi creates solid products and there are a few on JVzoo that you can bank on to be consistent with their products, maintain them, and put genuine effort into making them top quality.

Abhi is in that category…
Just take a look at Adsvisor as an example...Brilliant tool, years old now, kept up to date and well maintained.

I have seen so many products built just for launch and deservedly bomb or have high refund rates.

You will NOT find that from Abhi’s tools.

So let's get back to the new product from Abhi - LIVEReel

The Marketing Flow Possibilities With LIVEreel Is What Got My Instant Attention..

Here’s one as an example...

  • Create a Quality Video
    (Or Get One Made For You)
  • Stream It Live To Multiple Platforms
  • Auto Send Messages To All Viewers Privately on Facebook and YouTube
  • check
    This is HUGE
    (and needs explained in detail below…)

Well according to a conversation that i had with Abhi this is what is possible or will be very soon…

So why is it huge, what does it mean for us?

Let me explain in steps to avoid confusion


If we can auto PM anyone in these live events on Facebook with 100& automation as soon as they arrive


AND if this is done for events now and in future when someone visits and watched the live events 


AND “either” it auto adds to a FB messenger Push Notifications list or even if we have to ask them to comment we can easily

(give something of high value or relevant to the live event for free to make them comment!)

Then this is a total game changer!

But we are not done!

  • Ranking these events shouldn't be hard
  • Driving traffic to these events IS not hard
  • With the speed and automation of LiVEReel we can run hundreds of these events in Facebook easily
  • plus
    This allows us to see whats converting, what's driving traffic, what topics that people are interested in and what kind of content to focus on in the future
  • plus
    As Well As Building A FB messenger list on complete Autopilot.

You excited yet?

Yeah me too!

So here's what we will do

When Abhi has the new Facebook app approved
We will set up some campaigns (in Bulk).
And we will run this one strategy as outlined above

Now, this is NOT THE ONLY strategy that comes to mind
It’s just a pretty straightforward instant idea


As always I started to dig deeper and brainstored some more ideas.
These will be released frok time to time in little report style posts within LeadKit Pro.

As and when i get time to do them

What type of strategies?

Great question and I am so glad that you asked!

  • Local SEO
  • Local Lead Gen
  • Local Affiliate Marketing
  • Evergreen Affiliate Marketing
  • Evergreen List Building

These can all be done with the above strategy, but i have tweaked it for individually each of these types of campaigns to make it 10 x more effective.
It’s safely tucked away in a google doc for to pull out and implement them later, one by and when i get time.

“Ok great, how do it get that info” I hear you ask

Well right now we are running a promotion on LIVEreel

And you can get access to these strategies as a bonus


Remember we cannot do them until Abhi gets his Facebook app approved.
Facebook are not super fast when approving apps and often send back and have to be tweaked.

So it’s a patience game but rest assured as soon as it gets approved and added to the web app then we will start to run these campaigns.

I want to run them for my own business too.

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